heidi. new single "エゴ" (EGO) release

heidi. new single “エゴ” (EGO) will be released on 5/6 for 1500 yen; on the same day, they will begin their Road to 17th Anniversary -EGO- tour, at which their tour final and anniversary live will be held on 6/3.

1.エゴ (EGO)


First release since… 2021? Very excited.

Very excited….went down a nostalgic heidi trip recently


Looking forward to it, but sad to see how small their venues are. Shibuya pleasure pleasure has a max capacity of 350 people.

It is sad—they’ve never gotten the recognition they deserve and I don’t know why.

I’ve been to some of their lives with less than 70 people.

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Agreed. I remember there was quite a bit of buzz when they first started. I think they have been consistently good and am just happy they keep putting out releases.

Yeah, I know they played the hide Rock Summit back in 10’ was it? Then they were major for a while, and then back to indies ever since.

Despite their inability to grow their audience, and as you’ve said, they’ve always been my favorite band for putting out consistently good releases. You can tell they love what they do, even if few others do.

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New photoshoot released


The new single is on Spotify

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Just chiming in to say this single is excellent and well worth the wait. First song is the typical catchy, lighter sounding track that they’re known for, but the b-side is darker and has a lot of atmosphere. I know I’m biased but I love this single.

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