Hello, again

Yesterday I joined MH, after lurking it for a long time and sadly it seems it has closed down now :frowning: I was recommended to join this forum so here I am.

Some stuff about me: I’m Kas and I’m 29 years old, soon to be 30 in a few days. I recently, like May of this year, got back into visual kei and fell in love again.

Some of the bands I like: Xaa Xaa(probably my fave), lynch., Acme, Dezert, The Gallo, Royz, Kiryu, Codomo Dragon, Mimic, Arlequin, Kizu and probably more but my brain is not working right now. I am always open to band reccomendations though.

I hope to make some friends who like VK like I do. :green_heart::green_heart:


Welcome! Kiryu and Comodo Dragon are great tbh.

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Dunno how you missed that but hiiiiiii~

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Thank you!

Ah lookie here, it’s the last MH member in all of its history! It’s good to see you here as well, I imagine that 4 days on there isn’t enough, haha. Great bands list btw, I’m excited to talk VK with you :hugs:


Hi, welcome to JRO~! So glad to see you here :slight_smile: Awesome list of VK bands!

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Thanks everyone! I am happy to talk VK with anyone, just PM me :relieved:

Welcome! :slight_smile:
Solid list of bands. How do you like Xaa Xaa’s new single? I think their 2020 realeases are really great especially ホラー !

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Love it! They haven’t had a bad song, in my opinion. :slight_smile: thanks for the welcome!

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Welcome, @shinitaiclub! :slight_smile:

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Hello! AH i love Xaa Xaa, i love love letter probably one of my go to songs this week, but that’s a solid list of bands we have really similar taste!

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Thank you!! Love Letter is so good!

Welcome! I love Royz, Kiryu and Arlequin too~😋