Hello all (Seeking redemption)

Hey, I’m not expecting this to last long, but I’m happy that the sections that were on MH that caused so much trouble are gone now and it’s a lot more centered. I’m just here to chill and not stir up any hell. I’m a full fledged ancap libertarian now so no worries about anything controversial shrug I just want to enjoy my time here and try and make up for my previous misdeeds elsewhere. Thanks for reading, I’d appreciate a trial to see if I’m true to my word before downright banning me and I’ve somehow really gotten into jrock and jpop and have strayed away from anything heavy. Crazy.


Welcome to the forum! If you don’t mind me asking, what happened?


@Jenova I fought the law and the law won. No, but seriously it was election time and I was in a frenzy and I made questionable choices and posts that made people at MH think I was some right wing nut. I brought politics there and it never needed it because it caused a lot of trouble.

ありがとう btw :pray:


Thank you for being so honest about yourself.
Actually everyone who’s joining here are getting a new chance to show themselves. :blush:
As long you keep following the forum rules, nothing will happen.

I hope you’ll have a good time here :slight_smile:


Heeey welcome to the forum!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time here and will find nice people to talk with. :smiley:

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Glad to see you back! If I got a second chance after all the stuff I’ve done, then you deserve it as well! Welcome back! ^^


Welcome to the forum.

And i am curios about the jrock and jpop groups you listen too.

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Welcome! I’ve probably done way worst than you in the past on MH, but everyone forgot my old username haha, don’t worry ^^ It’s very chill on here, maybe the Dimlim thread and popular bands tend to be a little dramatic, but the rest is all good. You’ll be just fine :slight_smile: Enjoy it here!

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Way too many to name. L’Arc~en~Ciel, Asian Kung Fu Generation, DIR EN GREY and X Japan were where I got started, but I’ve listened to way too much other the years to name them. I’ve gotten into pop this year and I’m a big fan of LiSA, Aimer, ReoNa, Eir Aoi/Aoi Eir and not exactly pop, but SixTONES, Mr.Children and Bump of Chicken that I feel are too soft to be considered rock lol. I have tried repeatedly to listen to milet and just can’t get into it because her voice sounds way too much like an American singer I can’t figure out.

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Hey man, nice to see you having your anime redemption arc, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen you around.

Anyways, I’m sure you remember the mistakes from last time. If you’ve learned from them, then you’re more than welcome to hang with us again. Looking forward to talking VK with ya :grinning:

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Isnt sixtones a group from johnnys? :thinking:
Jpopwise i mainly listen to stuff from ldh, exile, sandaime j sould brothers, so johnny wise i am sometimes at loss

Yes they are. I blame this past Kohaku.

For a brief moment I thought I got hacked lol. Welcome!


:pray: † I just noticed your profile picture! Oh my god, I’m so sorry :rofl: I’ll change it when I get a chance. lol Wow.

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Don’t apologize for a top-notch taste! :handshake:

Were you the one who bought -mode of [INISIE]- off of Mercari for 3500 yen?

Oh, nah, I bought it directly from the band ^^ I’m pretty sure you still can if you have a proxy or means of dealing with them by yourself (basically, an address in Japan + being able to send a domestic bank transfer).

Oh I thought by now they’d be out of print or they’d just ran out since the band seems to be in limbo atm.

Well, I bought it the moment they posted about mail-order sale but I haven’t seen them officially announcing that it’s sold out so - go for it!