hello everyone! <3

hi hi! my name is jae, he/him. im rather new to j-rock but so far i have really enjoyed the music alot and am looking forward to becoming part of the community. i am interested in fashion, music, art, and cultures around the world. i also speak english, korean and french. i know some spanish, japanese and mandarin, not enough for a conversation though, but im taking classes this year. oh, also im a highschool junior. uhh, yeah. anyways, see ya later


welcome, you got some cool hobbies happening there. hope you enjoy this experience :smiley:

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ν•œκ΅­μΈμ΄λ‹€? λ°˜κ°‘λ‹€~~

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Cool! Welcome to the community Jae, hope you have fun here! And learning languages is such a cool hobby! :star2:

Do you have any favorite bands/songs so far?

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