Hello everyone! 🌃

Hello! I’ve heard this is place to be! I’ve been on MH for the last 4 years and never made an introduction there, so I thought I’d try it out for fun.

I was first very into VK from 2008-10 and was mainly into the more metal-influenced bands like DELUHI, Versailles, the GazettE, アンド, 摩天楼オペラ.

Years passed where I was carried away by other musical fixations, but I started relistening to VK in 2015/16. I really enjoyed (re-)discovering bands like 家族, みるふぃね, 雛罠/early Ayabie, Clavier --in my mind, this sound is called 2000’s oshare with an emo tinge… but I also got heavily into early PSC artists, ムック, matina bands. I’ll inevitably forget to mention a lot here, but I like to think I’m a VK superfan at this point and I’m determined to find every morsel of 00’s VK that I can enjoy!

Nowadays, I’m enjoying looking for bands that have (1)singers with very precise fine tuning/don’t use too much vibrato, and (2)have a flair for the melancholy/saudade/wistful (or as I will lazily say: “emo”).

I’m not at all opposed to new VK, but I often am turned off by the production and tend to have a hard time finding bands I like. LOST WORLD was one of my very favorite new bands and I also think キズ is amazing.

I really love jp post-rock/math/emo/screamo bands (killie, sora, akutagawa, te, mouse on the keys, gauge means nothing, heaven in her arms, LITE, etc.), and overall am a huge music fan [tech and brutal death metal is my most listened genre and obsession for the last couple years] – so I really enjoy connecting with anyone who has a similar love for music :slight_smile:

It feels strange having a new profile picture after using the same one for so long on MH, but it felt like a good time to change. To new beginnings! Best of luck to the site staff and hello to everyone :grin:

also, RENTRER EN SOI forevz


Welcome! RENTRER EN SOI WE STAN haha. I miss them so much! Deluhi was such a nice and good band, I missed them too! Also, you like Math rock, so you like Sokoninaru??? Hope you will have fun here! Cheers!

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Hello. :slight_smile:

It’s interesting to see how you got back to the scene to discover bands from even before you first got into VK. It’s often quite different so therefore I like that (I’m not too familiar music-wise with most of the bands you listed but know them by name or just very few songs like for example Clavier).

Looking forward to more stuff from you. ^^

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It’s great to see you here! Music taste on point, man (as usual). I hope to see you at the trade-off!

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Hellowwwww there! love the bands you like!!

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Hello, @reminiscing2004 !

Welcome to the new forum! You have such a good music taste in the 2000’s VK. In other words, you certainly live up the name. Sometimes I miss the bands you mentioned too. They were parts of the good old days.

RENTRER EN SOI forevz [2]

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nice taste! aaaand, am I the only one who prefers Satsuki’s solo stuffs in fact? xDDD

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Thanks for the welcome! And yes, Sokoninaru are great… a band I would really love to see live.

I’m not sure how to group reply, but thanks to everyone who said hello! Looking forward to seeing you around :slight_smile:

@araxzijk I listened to Satsuki’s solo stuff a ton when it came out, but haven’t listened to it much since… thanks for the reminder!