Hello everyone!

Since there is a special topic to introduce, let’s do that then shall we?
Just like the author of the topic before me here I’m not good at introducing myself at all, but I’ll give it a go too.

I’m Smiley, and I’m from The Netherlands. Been a member of MH for many, many years but not the most active one other than liking posts or giving an uploader a thank you for their efforts.

I landed in the VK scene around 2004, and even though I took a short break somewhere down the line I’ve never really been away because the scene keeps dragging me back in. While there are artists from other genres too, I keep coming back to VK the most.
Matenrou Opera is a definite favorite for many years now, but the band that originally drew me to the scene was Pierrot (bonus points if you actually caught that the username is in fact one of their later singles!). There are many more, but are you really here for that list? :wink:

Yeah, I’m not good at talking about myself, haha. Though I am fairly decent at responding to questions so if there are any, shoot them my way and I will come up with an answer. Hopefully!


Welcome! Have fun here! And I do like your username. I was listening to them yesterday!

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2004 was such a long road of being a VK fan. You’re definitely a VK veteran!
Welcome to the community. We’re happy to have you here. :partying_face:

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I actually don’t come across Pierrot fans often, despite their short revival and team-up with Dir en grey a few years ago for Androgynos. So it’s super nice to hear there are still other people who are listening to their music!

I constantly joke to my local friends that I am really old, especially in the VK community. If I look around me during live shows I see people way younger than me and I feel old… :joy:

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You’re not the only one that feels old haha. Our VK fellows here started in the early 2000s as well. So VK is like a comfort zone that we keep coming back to. :smile_cat:

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Hey! Welcome! You’re definitly not old haha, started to listen to VK back in 2006 haha. I love Matenrou Opera as well! Human Dignity was an awesome album, back to their roots! I bought the dvd, and it’s so epic, got it right before covid haha. I also listened to Pierrot back in the days, I still have their Dictator album on my computer, my favorite song from it is still Psychedelic Lover, and I remember the MV was pretty funny! I hope you have a good time here, it’s quite nice. Cheers!

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Hello and welcome.

In the end what’s age about? Don’t know, I’m not young anymore regarding VK standards but those bands that are around for 10, 15, 20 years and more also aren’t that young anymore. And since I’ve even been out of high school and all that when I just came across VK … well, no, you’re really not old. We all just get wiser year by year. ^^

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Once you are somewhere and feel comfortable, why leave right? :wink:


I agree for sure! The DVD was actually better than the album, but that’s opinion based. For me it was actually their Phoenix Rising mini-album that is on the top of the list, even though I have been listening to them since ANOMIE came out, so way, way before.

Pierrot’s MV for Psychedelic Lover never gets old, it’s still pretty funny to me even now. It’s a really unique song even in their all-over-the-place discography so great choice! :smiley:

So far it has been quite nice! Especially since I’m anything but social. It’s nice to hear something sane for once instead of “oh are those girls in those costumes?”, which seems to be the general consensus of people who aren’t familiar with VK…

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I agree, there’s actually a lot of weird stuff going on. Older VK fans actually have a completely different view of the scene than younger ones. The younger ones just seem to be most interested in “claiming” a specific member of a band and then getting angry if someone else likes that member too. Especially the younger generation of the GazettE seems to be good at this, it’s quite sad. Let’s all just enjoy this rather than … causing a fight over literally nothing?

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