Hello from Tokyo

Hey everyone,

I was on MH for 4+ years. I was not very active visibly though… I don’t comment much.

I’m from the Netherlands and will turn 28 in April.
Been into VK since 2005/2006ish and am living in Tokyo since 2017ish.
I used to be a writer for JROCK NEWS for a while. Besides writing about releases and such, it also got me to attend sold out X Japan and Luna Sea lives as press to write reports, which was pretty cool.

…But my favorite major band is the GazettE and I used to love Miyavi back in his VK times a lot too. Even though I’ve seen the GazettE a few times live in Japan, I’ve been more focused on “small” indie bands since I moved here and got pretty picky because I don’t have the time and money to follow 10+ bands anyway.
Some current favorites: SARIGIA, DEVILOOF and recently Kebyo. I used to be really into DIMLIM, but I kinda put them on hold… lol

Last year I basically went to 1 live per week (sometimes more), but it’s been 1 or 2 per month since Corona. Bands that I like seeing live are either less or not active at all right now.

And in case someone is looking for a shopping service… I offer buying from live venues, most online stores and some physical stores. Been doing that for 2 years and have quite some regular “customers” now. lol
Also if you’re planning to visit Tokyo when it’s possible again and would like to hang out (at a venue or somewhere else) or need help with something, hit me up!


Hello! ヽ(・∀・)ノ Wow that’s honestly really cool, i’d love to hear more about the smaller bands youre into! hopefully at some point ill be able to visit, id love to attend a live with you!

Yeah man, tell us about ur bands :eyes:
Welcome to the forum!