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I’m Davine! 27 years old, from Germany.
Been listening to VK since 2005, lurked on Batsu, TW and MH. Always silent as a ghost, now I grew a mouth … Never had anyone to talk about music to, so I figured I might as well start here on a green field :slight_smile:

I haven’t been listening to a lot VK in the past years, kept lurking on MH though to see how my old favs developed.
My favourite band of all time is and always will be goatbed, I also like cali≠gari, Soft Ballet, and got into Buck-Tick in 2020.
Nowadays I’m more into synth pop, industrial, dark wave, and gothy stuff from all over the world like She Past Away (I like listening to lyrics I don’t understand, I guess it’s some escapism thing. It’s a good thing I don’t speak a word of Japanese lol)

I’m gonna start scrobbling again, haven’t scrobbled in 6 years though so my charts are a bit out of date.
My last.fm is https://www.last.fm/user/Woerterbuch

If you got recommendations or wanna chat hit me up!


velkommen my friend and wish you have a good time in this new world.

Yep, I know what that is like. Nowadays I mostly listen to post-punk, goth rock, deathrock and darkwave, besides oldschool VK. I’ve admitted this before, it was MALICE MIZER that introduced a young me to the word “gothic”. A couple of years later, when I listened to LUCI’FER LUSCIOUS Violenoue/fiction/GILLE’ LOVES, I learned about goth as a scene/underground movement. It was thanks to LUCI’FER that I first listened to Bauhaus. :joy:
Btw, welcome!

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Herzlich willkommen! I’m also from Germany and like you I started listening to J-Rock since 2005 and on MH I was active but more in a quiet way so most of the time I was a topic reader there or something like that. :joy: