hello! i’m tay 🤍

ooo i joined the forum a while ago but didn’t know there was an active self intro section!

hi, my name is tay (she/her) and i’ve been into vkei and jrock since i was around 13! i’m 20 now, so it’s been a long ride with varying levels of activity in the scene.

my very first vkei bands were matenrou opera and the gazette, but now my favorite (active) bands are acme, arlequin, razor, and the madna! as for jrock, i pretty much only keep up with miyavi, the rest are casual listening.

hmmm what else…? i went to miyavi’s latest tour and loved it, tried to go to acme’s but couldn’t because it was 21+ in my area, and really really hope the gazette announces a US leg of their tour!

if anyone wants to be mutuals i’m @8mmBOMB on twitter <3


Well, you’re always welcome to make an introduction. Glad to have you around and you have some nice taste there! I’m also into acme, arlequin and razor ^^ There’s quite a lot of vk concerts coming to the US which is so nice. We have barely any Japanese bands coming here. Hope you’ll see any of your favorite bands soon ^^

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Hey, nice to meet you! I see you have a very nice music taste! Wishing you a good time here! :white_heart:

Ah, I see you have Twitter, added you there now :smile:

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Hello there Fellow GazettE enjoyer!! (* ^ ^ *) welcome to JRO!

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