Hello JRO!

Hi everyone, Shmilly here coming over from MH.

I’ve been in the scene for almost 15 years and have been living in Japan since 2015.
I used to be a big uploader but I don’t do that any more.

Some of you may know me from the old days of Edohsama’s blog (now JROCKNEWS) where I used to be a mod and still occasionally do stuff for JRN.

I haven’t been a super active user on MH for a while but it’s still the first place I hit up when I turn on my PC to check out the latest goings-on in the VK scene. It’ll be sad to see it go but I hope we can keep this niche community alive here at JRO.

I’m an active collector with hundreds of CDs and live DVDs, and some of my favourite current artists are DEXCORE, RAZOR and キズ. DELUHI, Signal, DADAROMA and Sadie among others have a special place in my heart.



velkommen! I remember the days when I “begged” you for something about DELUHI related lol I’d say they’re still my fav vk bands of all time.

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Hey!! So so so happy to see you join this forum too!

(I didn’t know you were a DELUHIST! <3 )

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I absolutely forgot you were a mod on Edoh :o thats a whole lot of memories lol! Great to you here

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I love DELUHI! I was still a student in the UK when they disbanded so I thought I’d never have the chance to see them live, so the reunion last year was a dream come true.

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