Hello, new & old faces!

Hey guys, itsa mee, Jigsaw from the old Monochrome Heaven board. Been casually lurking on and off again around here for a while now, so I figured I might as well join, see what this is all about.

I’m seeing some familiar and some unfamiliar names (or who knows, my name memory is a bit crap :’)), whatever the case may be, as always I’m striving to get along and be groovy with everyone~

Short intro: I’m an ancient relic who’s been into Japanese music (mainly visual kei, goth, post-punk and a little bit of other stuff on the side) for far too long so I guess I’m stuck with this curse for good now. :smiley: Some of my favorite acts include BUCK-TICK, cali≠gari, MUNIMUNI, and Kenichi Asai’s multitude of bands.

Nice to meet you / nice to see you again!

(and now time to spam all the threads :'D)


Welcome back king


Hey! We met at the turntable event last month! Cool to see you here! Cheers man!

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Welcome 🙋

Don’t worry about your name memory, i think there are several old MH user that changed names when migrating to here. I personally often remember the profile pics the best, but i remember your name from MH
(I was kinda a newbie still when MH closed, but i was KrumpingChihuahua there)

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Hello🖖 enjoy your stay. See you around

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Jiggy~~~! (Linh-san here :P)
Glad you joined us, I’m happy to see you here too :slight_smile:

Welcome and I hope you have a wonderful stay here with us :smiley:

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Welcome king!! :heart:

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Welcome back, looking forward to seeing you around! :metal:

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We’ve been waiting for you to come back around! You are welcomed with open arms :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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