Hello there ! (an old member of MH)

Hi everybody !
Iam 28 from France and was a member of TW (with an other name) then MH, i was’nt the more active but i shared some stuff here and there back in 2008-2012, then i just reacted sometimes since i lost interest in VK/Jrock but still a huge fan of my favorite band : lynch. !

I still listen a few japanese bands / artists : lynch., cali gari, Dragon Ash, Nujabes, MERRY, MUCC, RAZOR, The Novembers, D’espairsRay, Plastic Tree, Mono, SUGIZO, Mika Nakashima, the GazettE, Dir en Grey, Alice Nine…

As you can see I have eclectic taste : alt. rock, jazz, pop, post-rock, shoegaze, electro… i really enjoy all kind of music it must please my ears and that’s it.

A few international artists i listen to : Deftones, Mogwai, Bjork, The Smiths, Keane, Bring Me The Horizon, Placebo, Sade… and so many others obviously, i can’t be exhaustive but i loved to share and exchange music discoveries here.

Well, even if i’am not a hardcore fan of VK anymore I feel sad to see its dying day after day, i hope it can soimehow be trendy again but i doubt it (so much hype for kpop, rap and electro) I really regret that rock generally speaking is not trendy.
In recent vk bands i just like Razor, The Thirteen, Dimlim so if you have recommendations i take it (jrock too).

See you in the forum !



Hey Jeen, it’s great to see you here :smile: I hope you have fun and feel at home.

Indeed, it’ll always be a niche but it feels weird that even fans of other Japanese media like anime go “Huh? What’s that?” when you say you like VK… And double that rock one, when I tell people that I like rock music they do a double take :dizzy_face:

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Hello, fellow returnee fan! I’m also a former member of MH and another returnee fan of VK. I totally agree with your points that the Visual Kei trend is dying, but we hope to look forward to staying active here and providing more wonderful stuff in this genre to newcomers. As for your music taste, I totally respect your current favorite genres and bands, but I also have the same favorite bands as yours (my most favorite band is DIR EN GREY).

I hope we get along with each other and learn each other’s personal side!

It’s a pleasure to meet you!

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