Hello to everyone

Hello, I was heresytrash on MH. I wasn’t as active as I wanted to be, observed the forum for a few years now. But I hope to still be able to be active here and come visit whenever my schedule allows me to.

If you don’t remember or know me, I’m mainly a GazettE fan, also following GOTCHAROCKA as far as Visual kei goes. Other than that I listen to coldrain, and other bands like Crossfaith.

I’m more active on my twitter, but as I said I always liked to check on the forum to see what was new.


So I’m saying hello for sure. :sweat_smile:
Greatest band, so welcome to the forum.
I’ve been seeing you around at MH and already guessed from your name that you like Gazette.

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Ah yes, it’s been an old username of mine for a while ^^ Thank you.

I’ve loved them since High School, my parents are still shocked that I’m still into them to this day ha ha

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Haha, that’s funny.

I’ve been in the middle of my 20’s when I stumbled into the scene and pretty soon into them, I’m 40 now, so I guess it’s pretty much the same. It’s just so great sticking with bands for that long just because they make great music.

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