Hello ^^

Hey everyone!
I’m Rize from MH, but most people have known me as ‘‘Linh-san’’ as I recently changed my username there to Rize not long ago :>

It’s nice to meet y’all! And glad to see some fellow MH members here as well!

I’m known as a big MEJIBRAY fanatic. :3
Other bands I currently like are: HAKLO, i.D.A, RAZOR, MEME, ACME & DIAURA.



Hello Rize (I even immediately could switch to Linh-san since the change had been just recently). ^^

I’m so glad so many people from MH are just getting here.
Hope you’ll have a good time. :slight_smile:

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Linh-san!!! I’m happy to see you here. I can’t wait to talk VK and music stuff with you soon :hugs:

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Welcome welcome! So many people joining! I’m here since September and for a long time it was only me and Nick chilling around. Glad to have you here! I’m often on the discord channel, hope we can talk there!

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Hello, @Rize !

Welcome to the new community where you are going to meet our old and new friends. I hope you’ll have a great time here with everyone. :heart_eyes_cat:

By the way, I’m more familiar with your real name though because you had used it since forever, haha.

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Hi, Rize~! Excited to see you here ^^ Can’t wait to talk/interact with you on here!

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Thanks everyone!
Discovered discord yesterday so you’ll see me there often too!

Just call me however you feel like to @nick !
Linh is alright too :slight_smile: