Hi, my name is Aimy and I’m sure y’all are probably either aware of me as: A. That girl who posted cringey non-sense on MH when she was a teenager, or B. That girl who posts cringey stuff on twitter and is a hoe for Cuartet.

My favorite bands are Gulu Gulu, Cuartet, The GazettE, DEViL KiTTY, Dir en Grey and Guruguru Eigakan, as well as various other artists


Hello! Good to see you here.

We needed at least another gulu gulu stan. They haven’t disbanded, right?

Nope! Still chugging along, gladly

Hey hey, nice to see a familiar face. I dunno how many Angura stans are on here but I’m glad to have another Guru Guru Eigakan fan around here. Excited to talk more VK with ya :smiley:

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DEViL KiTTY = :black_heart:

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Those bands are pure awesomeness! Welcome.

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Thanks for the welcome! I hope I enjoy my time here

Hello! I always saw your comments and your posts on MH, I think I even sent a message to do trades haha