I’m a fan girl of Xaa Xaa, The GazettE, Fukuro, Dadaroma and Buck Tick. I also really like X Japan, Kizu and Amai bouryoku.

I got into j-rock and vkei in 2018 and i’m still very young so there are a lot of things i don’t know.

I want to make new friends! i hope to get along with everyone! :two_hearts::two_hearts:

I don’t speak english (my original language is spanish), so i am with the translator. Sorry if it is not understood.


Welcome to the forum. 🙋

Your English is very good. Don’t worry about it.
Cools bands you got there that you like. :green_heart:

It’s always cool to see new fans getting into VK.

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Bienvenida :relaxed: Good to have you here!

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Hey there, welcome~ :slight_smile:

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Welcome! :slight_smile:

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holi jsjs de que país?

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welcome!! and your english is good! : )

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Welcome! I really like The GazettE too!

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De Venezuela. XD


Viva a América Latina! :green_heart:
Sou do Brasil.