Hello, my name is Kathy. I was on MH and also under the name Kathy (I suck with coming up with usernames), don’t think anyone will actually remember me after all I posted every now and then and was more of a lurker. Took a “hiatus” from vk but I don’t think anyone can actually escape from it so I’m trying to catch up on what I’ve missed and maybe get into some new bands.
Just to name a few bands I’m into (that haven’t disbanded yet) : JILUKA, the GazettE, Nicolas, gulu gulu, Shiva, and ミスイ.


Welcome @kathy ! :heart: :kissing_heart:

Hi, welcome to JRO! Hope you have fun here! :slight_smile:

Welcome on the forum Kathy! :slight_smile:
I agree on the “can’t escape VK music”, I had the same thing~ had a break for 5 years and came back as well :joy:

Anyways I hope you’ll have a good time here and feel free to join us on the JRO discord for a chit-chat :slight_smile: