hi!! my name is aria, for the past year i used to lurk on MH from time to time but never actually created an account lol. this time i decided to make one and participate in the threads!

i found vk when i was around 12 years old through the gazette’s invisible wall and diru’s obscure (this kinda traumatised me lmao). i was already an emo kid at the time so i liked both songs, but for some reason i didn’t dig deeper into vk.
last year in january something made me remember the gazette and i decided to listen to them and boom, i fell onto this vk hole and now there’s no going back.

i can’t list all the groups i like bc it would take forever but my favourite ones are dezert, the gazette, dir en grey, plastic tree, the gallo, arlequin, dimlim, kuroyuri to kage, gulu gulu, zig zag, dadaroma, kebyo and mama. (it’s too soon to add them on my favs list bc they just debuted lol but i gotta say i’m pretty excited over dazzlingbad).
i also really like japanese metal bands like crystal lake, sable hills, victim of deception, etc.

other things i’m interested in apart from music are: graphic and web design, anime, languages and asian dramas (specially chinese, korean and japanese!).

hope we get along!!! :slight_smile:


Welcome here Aria :two_hearts::two_hearts:!! We were already brought together by DEZERT and Chiaki but I’m SO HAPPY to have you here as well :pleading_face::two_hearts:!!

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thank you bea :purple_heart: !! now we can scream about chiaki over here too, bc twitter is just not enough hahahha

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We’re screaming about Chiaki on every platform, I love that for us :weary::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:!

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Welcome on the forum! :smiley:

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thank you!!! :slight_smile:

That’s how it always starts :kissing_heart: Anyway, I love your bands list so I’m very happy to see you join us here. I’m excited to talk VK with you in the future :laughing:

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thank you!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: looking forward to talk about vk with you too :star_struck:

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Have you watched The Untamed (CQL) by any chance?

hiya!!! i started watching it but i’ve been a bit busy with uni so i haven’t had the chance to finish it yet :pensive: