Hello everyone, i’m hide_Yoshiki2001 and coming from Monochrome Heaven!!!
I’ve been into VisualKei, JRock and Jpop for about 20 years (yes … I’m old XD) and love everything that goes around to Japan.

Sad for MH but i’m so glad so many people from MH are just getting here.

Nice to meet you all!
(and sorry for my english :pray:)


Hi~! Welcome to JRO! It’s great to see you from MH ^^ Haha, I also feel so old! I’ve been into Japanese music for quite a long time, too XP

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Very nice to see you here! Veteran fans have so much knowledge to share, I’m excited to talk VK with you in the future :smiley:

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I’m 31 and I’ve been into VK since 2002. So, yeah… I know how you feel! :wink:

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