Hi guys,

vessmier here from MH. Been a user there for the longest time, pretty much since its inception and like many others, I’m in search of a new home for my musical obsessions.

I usually don’t participate too much in discussions, especially because most contemporary visual kei bands don’t really interest me but I love to share the music I enjoy and read, so yeah.

I’m mostly into 90s and early 00s visual kei, anything with a post punk / new wave / goth feel to it. Some favorites include Missalina Rei, Sleep My Dear, Kneuklid Romance, 黒夢, emmurée, ムニムニ, DIE IN CRIES, Laputa, La’Mule, NéiL, Shiina’s bands, D≒SIRE and so many more…

Anyway, nice to meet y’all. :unicorn:


Great to see you here! I love your bands list btw :heart_eyes:

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Great to see you too, @Total_Saikou :blush:

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Known faces coming. Welcome!

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Hey! :slight_smile:

We’ve got the same taste. You must also be into jgoth, right?

I hear you! :roll_eyes: I just listen to those bands that are part of this kotekei revival movement (RU:NATIC, La’veil MizeriA, Crucifixion)

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I guess I’ve only dipped my toes into that certain blend of jgoth that’s still kinda in the orbit of vk with bands like Madame Edwarda, 地獄絵, AUTO-MOD, GILLE’ LOVES, EX-ANS. But I’m always open for recommendations! :bat:

Yeah, I was actually quite impressed with some of those revival bands, especially Crucifixion. I think VK kinda died when it drowned in the murky waters of early to mid 00s alternative metal and nu metal and since the scene has been unable or unwilling to innovate for nearly 20 years now, I’m always happy to see bands go against the grain, even if it’s just 90s revivalism :sweat_smile:

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