Help finding Japanese Punk Rock tracks

I’m looking for some help finding some old Punk Rock albums (some may be Electronic Screamo but I can’t prove that). The band is called Three Lights Down Kings, they are a Electronic Screamo band that released their first EP in 2011 “Hey!! Now!!” but before that they dabbled in Punk Rock releasing several Ep’s/Singles. I’m trying to look for them but i can’t find anything outside of a few images with the exception of their demo track Wake Up/Don’t Stop (I can send it to you if needed, can’t here as it’s a new account). If anyone has any information on some of the tracks or albums please let me know, i’m tearing my hair out

(Here are some images i have found from their albums from 2007-2011)

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They have some releases available digitally. You can easily find them on Apple Music.

We do not allow uploading pirated music files here if that’s what you’re looking for.

They’re demo tracks i think so they’re not Widley available, even if someone just has information that can lead me to being able to buy the cd is fine

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