hey hey

Hi, everyone! Finally decided to use this account here as I’m lurking since forever (rip MH).

I’m from Brazil, 24yo, and got myself into visual kei in something like ’08 or ’09. Get introduced to Death Note in an early age, and see your chances to be normal ruined. Nightmare was my introduction, but what hooked me was Kamijo and his vampire gang. I’m one of the victims of the Visual Kei internet boom of the late 2000s. My teens were dominated by Versailles, the gazettE, Moi Dix Mois, and some vk-adjacent acts, like Yousei Teikoku, Ali Project, Aural Vampire and Asriel.

Today, my favorite band is Dir En Grey, (Dum Spiro Spero changed my life; TIW is… fine you guys are mean), and I will listen anything Kyo-related. I also adore Buck-Tick, especially the weird cyberpunk era, and enjoy all the Mana-sama’s dynasty of acts and protégés. I try to listen to everything in the scene, explore older bands’ discographies and keep up with new acts (Jiluka, Xanvala and Kizu mainly). Outside Visual Kei, I listen to symphonic and prog metal, some jpop/rock, emo, and electronic music.

That’s all I can think now lol, thanks for reading!