I don’t usually do forums, but none of my friends like visual kei so…

I guess the easiest way to do this is band(member): Aiolin(Hikarito), Codomo Dragon(meN-meN), Jiluka(Boogie), ZeroHz, lynch.(Akinori), Neth Priere Cain(Chigusa). Despite Poidol’s disbandment, I’m still a Sapphire and my favorite member is/was Ran. As you can see, I like bassists, I am a bassist. It’s meN-meN’s fault.

I’m also a luz-kun fan, which figures because most of his support are vkei guys (though my starter band was Nightmare)


hey, welcome! how long have you played bass? I hope you have a great time here.

Welcome on the forum!
I like 零[hz] & NPC too😁
Wishing you a good time here, feel free to join us on discord as well if you feel like chatting with the members from here! :slight_smile:

Nearly two years, I bought my bass a week after listening to Codomo