Heya :]

Heyyy my name’s Val(entine), I’m 18 and I’m from the UK.
I’ve been listening to vkei on and off for around 6 years, with my first vkei band being Nightmare (introduced through the Death Note intro haha). I’m just now starting to delve more into the people behind it and branch out further into vkei. I speak English and a decent level of German as well as beginner Spanish, I’m hoping to study languages + translation when I go to uni next year, taking German as a language post A-Level and picking up Japanese at a beginner level. I have a huge interest in languages as a whole and really enjoy learning them, I can’t really ever see myself not trying to learn a new language. I also have a great love for fashion (kind of adds up considering I am here talking about vkei I guess) and dress fairly “alternative” (I kind of hate that word) - I have been for most of my life now, so I like a lot of vkei bands as style icons and inspo as well as musicians.

My current favourite vkei bands/artist are:
Malice Mizer (and a lot of their respective solo work and work outside of MM - particularly Közi’s)
Versailles (+ Kamijo’s solo work - I want to get more into Lareine and Hizaki’s work as well)
Madmans Esprit
Exist Trace

Sorry for the ramble haha :]


Welcome to JRO :star2:

Hallochen (:

welcome to the team. Swedish will be my 6th language and Japanese the 7/8th… I hope have enough time to learn all these yet lol

matta ne~

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Tysmmm :]

I tried Swedish for a while as well (eventually stopped since I didn’t have time with my actual schoolwork), the pronunciation was quite a lot harder than most languages I’ve tried, but definitely very fun

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true, but i think danish is harder as swedish :sweat_smile:

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Danish is a language I’ve never tried to tackle, but I have a friend from Denmark and I fully believe you just from hearing him speak it haha

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velkommen, vennen min!


„A decent level of German“ klingt nach einem brauchbaren Kommunikations-Level.
Und dann auch noch Exist†trace auf der Liste. :purple_heart: (I went down this rabbit hole this year and didn‘t get out of it yet.)

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Welcome fellow UK-Közi-fan. Nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your time here!

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Hola, Val. Pásalo muy bien en el foro. A todo esto, es primera vez que escribo/hablo español aquí haha. Espero que aprendas muchos idiomas!

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