Hi all

Hello. Not so long ago I registered on the forum. I didn’t introduce myself right away, I think it needs to be fixed. I don’t speak English well, I understand more, so I write through a translator, sorry.
My name is Ekaterina, Kate if in English. 22 years old. From Russia, from the city of Samara.
I met J-Rock at school, thanks to a classmate. I wasn’t listening to Visual-Kei, but ONE OK ROCK, my first Japanese band. At that time, she and I listened to K-Pop mostly, so J-Rock was forgotten somehow)
And in 2019, on YouTube, I accidentally stumbled upon a clip with beautifully dressed boys and cool music)) I liked it, watched another one, then another… That’s how I met VK and fell in love with him)
I listen mainly to lynch. (my favorite band), DEATHGAZE, DIAURA, The THIRTEEN, DEXCORE, DEVILOOF, JILUKA. From not VK, still the same ONE OK ROCK and MY FIRST STORY.
Besides J-Rock now I also listen mainly to Drum And Bass, but I feel that J-Rock will gradually force DnB out of my heart x))
I started getting carried away with J-Rock relatively recently, a lot of bands are new to me. But thanks to the forum, this will be fixed, I think) It’s very cozy here and most importantly informative, thank you very much :3
I will be glad to meet new people))


Hello and welcome to JRO! We’re happy to have you here. :partying_face:

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Hello, @Imagica ! Enjoy and have a good stay here!

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Welcome, enjoy your stay

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Hope to see you at another tt.fm event :slight_smile: