Hi! (for a 2583045th time)

Hi hi!

I’ve come all the way from TW over MH and then here. I’m curious to see how this place will grow, and even though I’m not too active on forums these days, I still wish to pop in from time to time.

Japanese music, specifically bands, will always be a big part - if not the biggest part - of my listening habits, so a place like this will always be nice to find new things to check out and listen to.

Some of my faves of the past few years are the likes of PENGUIN RESEARCH, Amazarashi, and more recently I’ve been checking out Yourness as well. Crystal Lake and coldrain will always be fun and of course some catchiness of MFS can’t be forgotten.

Before the world went extra messy, two of my latest gigs early 2020 were Dir en grey and Crossfaith. With a bit of luck my first gig of 2021 will be Crystal Lake opening up for PWD. I’m ready. Hope the world will be too.


Hello and welcome to the new community, @Kaye !

Thanks for joining us! I would like J-ROCK ONE to be a place where both VK and non-VK fans can co-exist. Most of us are from MH, so the forum will be initially filled with VK. However, it’d be great if we have more non-VK fans here too. I’m interested in both scenes quite equally, and I’ll have to learn more of non-VK bands from you. :heart_eyes:


Welcome here :smiley: SO GLAD to see another Coldrain fan :smiley: Crossfaith, Cystal Lake, wow so much good bands! Looking foward to talk to you! :smiley:


Welcome! :slight_smile:
I‘m also attending the PWD/Crystal Lake Tour in Hamburg. Where are you going? :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the late reply!

I’ll be going in Brussels :sunglasses: