Hi from xXxSL4YERxXx

All my “friends” at school bully me for liking J-rock :frowning: Cool to find a community of like minded people.


Welcome to the forum.
sorry to hear about your problem there at school.

Whats your favorite bands?

Welcome to our love nest! Umm… Sorry to hear about your school really don’t know what to say about that… Anyway enjoy!

Sorry to hear your buds don’t have taste :nail_care: I hope you enjoy your time here tho, we like that sort of thing! :heart:

I like your screen name. Very 2008 MySpace. But also as a metalhead it makes me want to pronounce it as “FUCKING SLAYER!”

Saddening to hear that there are problems at school, but welcome to the Forum, hope you enjoy your stay!

Welcome on the forum :slight_smile:

Me too, it’s ok lol. They just don’t get the appeal and that’s fine! We have something wayyyy more special to enjoy than them anyways (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)