hi hi hi (intro)

hey, I’m cherriez! (or just sabrina lol- I used to care about keeping my name secret but not rlly anymore) I’m 17 years old, go by she/her, live in NYC, and I’ve been listening to vkei for 3 years now!

some of my favorite bands are XAA XAA, the GazettE, Plastic Tree, BUCK-TICK, Malice Mizer, deadman, exist trace, DIr En Grey, Mejibray, and some others I’m probably not remembering. I’m planning to go to the XAA XAA concert in dc in February so I’m really excited for that!

I’m also really into art and could probably draw Mana-Sama perfectly while blindfolded from how many times I’ve drawn him. I’m looking forward to sharing my art on here!

you would think living in such a big city like NYC that there would be no shortage of vkei fans but i know no vkei fans irl TT-TT. I’m always looking for more ways to be involved in the vkei community as an overseas fan so if yall know of any vkei events happening in the US or even NYC i’ll love you forever <333


ahh i love xaaxaa !! theyre one of my all time favourite bands? as well as insanity injection, baiser + xodiack :3
id love to go to the concert so bad, i begged and begged to go but i live in the uk so its hard to do- travelling to a whole different country just to see a band :pp
but anyway what are your fav songs from them :0

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Welcome to the forum :boom:

Feel free to share your art in the art Showcase category if you want to

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oooh I’ll have to check those bands out! yeah even in the States, I have to take a 4 hour train to DC TT-TT. why can’t more bands come to NYC… My favorite songs from them are kowaikurai, mazarenai, shinitai, and arutyuu- its so fun to sing along to!

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Money :moneybag:
That’s why
Also because enough bands don’t care about the US
And those who care you might just not like them :wink:

wait nooo i’d love any band that came to NYC
but fr it’s so expensive

i love all of those ones :33 honestly all of their songs are just so good- i think there’s only one i dont like ? its on the minnagauta album and its the country sounding one, i think it begins with a d ? im just not at all a fan of country… but on the up side kazuki has one of my favourite voices in vk, his gutturals are insane and his singing voice is so pretty :blush:

Welcome to our community!

When i see a pura tori fan, i am in :star_struck:

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