HI We are StarryWave

Nice to meet you guys !! We are StarryWave
We released a New single “GLOW”
Please check out
Thank you :slight_smile: !!


yessssss i’m always so happy to see more women in vkei~

love the composition, very early 2010s nostalgic for me but with a fresh structure to the songwriting

i hope y’all continue with this - i’m very excited to see what your sound will develop into

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Welcome on the forum :slight_smile:

welcome to the hive of the vkei-eneers (I dunno what we call our selves)

Welcome to the forum and nice to meet you, too!

Welcome and enjoy your stay

What a catchy heavy song! Keep up the good work. Welcome to the community. :partying_face:

Nice to meet you !! We are StarryWave. We released a new Single album ME.
Thanks !!


Welcome back! I have merged your thread to the existing one. The news section is for Japanese music only. You can use this thread to promote your band here.