hi ^_<

hi i’m luca! i’m 14 yrs old and have been a vkei fan for about 11 months now. i’m learning the guitar and i like to draw. i also love classic literature, romanticism, and really anything that has to do with the 19th century,

even though i’m super new to the scene compared to the grandpa millenials in this forum, i’d say i’m fairly knowledgeable on vkei !!

i love love oldschool kote kei (mid 90s through early 2000s vkei) !!!1111!! especially key party ! a few bands i like;

platina, lareine, la’mule, la feerie, eliphas levi, lamiel, luna sea, dir en grey, lar~mia, da’vid shito al, guniw tools, agnus dei, baiser, shazna, kaneto-juusei, d’espairsray, mercuro, madeth gray’ll, velvet eden, aikaryu, the pumpkin head ++ more (heres the list of all the bands i like)


Hello there! Welcome to the community!!

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Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum

That’s great
Feel free to make your own topic in the “Art Showcase” category, if you ever want to show off

Call me granny
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Hey, welcome! You’ve got a gorgeous list of bands there, I hope you enjoy your time here.

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Welcome to our community

I’m an elder :rofl:

Interesting… Its nice start to vk world.

do u have Last.fm ?

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yea i do but i made it only about 5 months ago so its not super impressive

its lucamizery (im pretty sure)

my compatibility with lucamizery aka @missantroop is Super.

Thats nice. well, u can follow my new account /Delkmiroph

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Welcome! :heart:

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Nice tastes!

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omg you seem so cool!! we are really similar!!!

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thank youu! you seem cool as well !

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