Hey everyone :hugs:

I’ve gotten into VK around 2014-ish( I think?) & used to be active on Monochrome Heaven a lot back then but kinda didn’t keep up with the scene anymore for more than 3 years now I think lol ANYWAY Im getting back into it! My favorite bands were AvelCain, DIMLIM, BORN, Lycaon, DEZERT and many many more but Im honestly not sure who’s still active and who not so Im always open for recommendations!

Also since Im currently in Japan and wanna see some bands again I’d appreciate it if someone knows like a side or anything where I can check out who’s currently on tour :v:t3:

Looking forward to talking to y’all :smiling_face:


Welcome to JrockOne
and nice to meet you

from the bands you named, DEZERT still exist,i think the rest is disbanded XDD

Not sure for japan itself, but if there is any specific bands, check their twitter i guess

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Yeaah I just found out most of them are disbabded :sob: hope some of them are still active in other bands :joy:

Alright thanks! Guess its time to make a twitter account again then :joy:

Well Ryoga from Born is in Razor
I have zero idea about lyacon

Avelcain and Dimlim ? vanished of the earth i think

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Oh yeah I remember Razor! Lycaon started Initial’L from what I remember but no clue if they’re still active

Damn exactly the ones I cared about sm :sob::joy:

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Hi there! :smiley:

When it comes to lives, this is probably the best source: https://eplus.jp/sf/live/visual

How long are you going to stay in Japan? ^^

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Since you asked for recommendations: Hitchcock are very similar to AvelCain, since both are produced by Lycaon’s Eve.

While DEZERT still exist, they drastically changed their style. I find some of the songs by XANVALA similar to early DEZERT, you might wanna check them out - imo they are the best indies VK band around atm.

Jigsaw would maybe also be up to your alley - I feel their latest stuff has some (late) Lycaon vibes.

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Thank you sm!! :pray:t2: till August :smiling_face:

Awesome! Thank you sm for the recommendations :smiling_face: will definitely be checking them out :grin:

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