HIZAKI new album, "The Zodiac Sign" release

HIZAKI new album, “The Zodiac Sign” will be released in 2 types (limited edition CD+DVD, regular edition CD) on 6/12 through metal record label AVALON


I hope he releases something from “grace project” at some point.
These HIZAKI releases are not my thing.


another beloved kamijo protegeé falling out with the immortal decadent diva and his vampire tantrums?

I dig the “babushka wearing roses for the spring” dress design tbh

just one more b-side/mini/album/decade of albums composed for kaya would be enough for me… uwu

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I agree with you, but at the same time am conflicted too, because I don’t see how HGP would differ radically from HIZAKI solo at this point. His style is neoclassical fret masturbation and you either dig it or you don’t.


Hizaki talked very briefly about the new album during the Q&A panel at AB. He said that the new songs were some of his favorite to play.


The vibes I get is everyone loves kamijo, but no one likes to be produced by kamijo. Nothing released in his label go very far if he isn’t directly involved as an singer


iirc he was major for a bit when he restarted the project, and afterwards he went back to being indie and founded his own label, where he’s been ever since. then again, pretty telling when you’d rather produce yourself than go back to the previous label you were in before.

HGP is supposed to have a vocal part. :thinking:

Could be instrumental too! Curse of virgo is entirely without vocals, and that covers a song by Schwardix Marvally that originally did have vocals (metamorphose ~情景~), so who knows?


I doubt it’s instrumental, that’s what the “HIZAKI” project has for, what would you gain by releasing instrumentals on HGP? It wouldn’t make much sense…

this I miss about the project…plus it was more classic tanbi-kei, while his current thing now is borderline mainstream metal at this point lol

for like… whatever reason I keep thinking about the bizarre interview that someone posted here shortly before versailles went on a break where he talks about that new idol-ish thing he’s producing and how much he loves jogging, which read like he doesn’t feel in any special way about anything dealing with the francophone vampire larp act.

which disappoints me more than I kinda expected to tbh because both D and versailles semi-breaking up left quite a void in my musiqué consumption…


what interview was this and what were they all smoking

someone posted it here, it was taken with just hizaki after the concept tour with d, mdm and m-opera

it’s like rly long, I didn’t pay enough attention - he refers to a foreign vocalist, which I remembered as an idol singer for w/e reason, but there’s like one paragraph out of a wall of text tier essay; I also noticed he only refers to Teru as staying with him in Jupiter (I have no idea what’s their activity status even is, I thought just the vocalist jumped off and ran away?) because both love metal music?.. - literally zero interest to talk about anything versailles or kamijo adjacent, and zero enthusiasm in regards to a comeback. “maybe we’ll do a world tour but like lol not rly”


I feel the same way tbh

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