HOLLOWGRAM new live DVD "RED SHIFT" release

HOLLOWGRAM new live DVD “RED SHIFT” will be released at 2021/01/20 (6000yen)


  1. Op SE “primitive ocean”
  2. Rufus
  3. -se1- 星を見る夜
  4. Blind Watchmaker
  5. Flood of love
  6. The deluge
  7. -se2- 月に溺れて
  8. adolescent
  9. 遠鳴り
  10. 柳暗花明
  11. -se3- 花弁のアンテナ
  13. パラドクス
  14. 誑人
  15. With you
  16. End SE Pale blue dot
  17. Sentimental issues
  18. -MC-
  19. Don’t cry for the knel
  20. Pleasance Liddell
  21. Be quiet (Music clip)

I didn’t expect that. :star_struck:


Ryo is such a great vocalist. Thank god he is still so active after the disbandment of 9GB

Right? it sounds so beautiful! man I wanna see him live at least once

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Format has been changed to Blu-ray. I would have liked it better with Be quiet CD.

God it’s really good, they do good lives shows !

Still miss 9GBO, I think it was Ryo best project.

Their is one song from Hollowgram, i can really feel it, it’s " the deluge ". Strong and honest emotion in this.

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