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As the nerdy douchebag I am I just gotta nitpick a bit here. Hell House movies (two first at least) are not mocumentaries, but found footage. A mocumentary are a fake documentary, made as a documentary. Found footage movies are movies presented as raw footage.

I love both genres, and I think found footage is a lot more interesting than what people makes it out to be. There is a lot of shitty found footage movies and it gets a negative rep because of it, but that is to be expected in a genre where you can potentially make insanely good movies on a budget close to nothing on your phone. At its best it’s almost unmatched as far as making the viewer uneased and scared imo.

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Black Friday - Hell yeah, this is my type of movie. It’s nothing that hasn’t been done several times before, but it nails the 80’s b-movie vibe and I just love that. I wish Michael Jai White and Bruce Campbell had bigger roles, but they both manage to steal the show anyway. We’re talking both verbal and visual humor that works, beautiful practical effects, over the top acting and lovely make up. And the satire feels very cheap and easy, but it is spot on for sure. Like I said, my type of movie for sure. Loved it!

That’s great! I’m so happy for your band and hopefully it happens.

Horror movies have a special place in my heart since they are how I got into visual kei in the first place. I was really into J-horror as a teenager and one day I decided to look for songs that were used in Japanese horror movies. I think there were a lot of genres represented but visual kei was the one that stood out the most to me and eventually I decided to look into more songs by some of the groups I found.

I watched Last Night in Soho three weeks ago. I thought the horror aspects were pretty good, although it was pretty stylized. The audio was amazing and the design of the costumes and effort they put into depicting London in the 60s was great. The ending didn’t really work for me but it was a solid movie until the third act. 7/10

Two weeks ago I saw Antlers. It was quite enjoyable (or as enjoyable as a bleak movie can get). It had some pretty heavy stuff and even though I had heard that it was a wendigo movie going in, it wasn’t what I was expecting. The shots of the Pacific Northwest scenery were beautiful and even though the beginning had a statement about the impact of people on the environment the rest didn’t touch on that aspect, which was unfortunate because I think it could have made the movie stronger. The Native American lore aspect was great but made up only a couple minutes, which was a shame. Great atmosphere and acting by the lead child actor. 8/10

Last month I watched Lamb. It was really something. The opening was unforgettable; amazing and creepy at the same time but you don’t quite understand it until the end, which was great. Like Antlers, it had gorgeous scenery shots of Icelandic mountains around the farm where most of the movie takes place. There wasn’t much dialogue. The premise of the movie was crazy but they follow through with it and at the end it’s kind of explained in a way that I never saw coming. It definitely made me think. 7/10


I saw Lamb when it first was released, and I rated it 6/10. More or less because it was way too rooted in drama for my personal taste. But I can see this become a cult movie with time as it had great atmosphere, looked gorgeous, was well-acted and pretty fucking weird at times. I just wish they’d stuck closer to horror as a genre.

Watched Malignant today and it is James Wan back to what we want him to do. I enjoyed the shit out of Furious 7, but really fucking hated Aquaman, but horror is where he really shines. And this is exactly that, a movie where he can shine as a director. It’s weird, and the second half of the movie is truly amazing. First half drags a bit, but never gets boring. It’s well-written, acted and directed, and it has some weirdness that it is hard not to appreciate. Last 20-25 minures or so are OUTSTANDING and worth the playtime alone. Sooooo good! Not his best, but superb nonetheless. 8/10

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Agreed, Malignant was a pleasant surprise for me too. It might end up as one of my favorite horror movies of the year actually! Loved everything about it.

My list for this year’s Christmas horror-a-thon is ready, and it looks like this:

Black Christmas
Anna and the Apocalypse
Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
And All Through the House (Tales From the Crypt)
Home for the Holidays
Last Stop on the Night Train
The 12 Slays of Christmas
Day of the Beast
Better Watch Out
A Christmas Horror Story
Silent Night, Deadly Night
Santa Jaws
Christmas with the Dead
Night Terrors
Silent Night
Who Slew Auntie Roo?
Mercy Christmas
Await Further Instructions
Deadly Games

I’ve seen a lot of these before, but there is a few I haven’t seen before. Gonna be a fun month for sure. Starting on the 1st of december and lasting up and until the 24th. Looking forward to it!


It is on, bitches!

And All Through the House (Tales From the Crypt)

I’ve seen this several times, and it does not get boring. This is not only one of the best episodes in the entire Tales From the Crypt series, it’s also the best adaptation of this story. Miles and miles ahead of the others. Intense, atmospheric and fun. Top notch!

Anna and the Apocalypse
I usually tell people this is a horror-comedy musical, as if Shaun of the Dead and High School Musical had a kid. And it kinda is, but it’s a lot darker than Shaun of the Dead, so you should add Dawn of the Dead into that mix as well. It comes off as lighthearted, charming and fun, but it just adds one dark layer after another, and its themes just gets darker and darker. The overall tone of the film, its practical effects and song numbers really hit the mark with me, and it works superbly as both a horror comedy and as a musical. A modern classic!

Ella Hunt is ridiculously good in this. Top, top performance!

I during summer breaks in college I went on binges of indie horror movies on Netflix.

VHS - is this too clichéd now? Still the best found-footage horror film ever, in my book. The anthology format is brilliant since it’s simultaneously unsettling and thrilling. The sequel, VHS2, was also great, but the 3rd is totally skippable.

Coherence - awesome sci-fi ish thriller that really fucks up your brain, much of the filming was done with no script, so the acting is really believable and totally anxiety-inducing

Resolution - another unsettling thriller that TOTALLLY messes up your head and storytelling in general

Mr. Jones (2013)- spooky film quite similar in concept overall to the Blair Witch Project, but I think the plot and setting is much more interesting and less irritatingly vague (a reclusive artist making spoopy art out in the deserts of the Western US? Better than OOOOO WITCH)

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Night Train Murders
This is basically a remake of The Last House on the Left, but with a different setting. Or Ingmar Bergman’s Jungfrukällan if you will, but it’ll no doubt give you more of a Last House feeling. It’s not as grim as Last House, but more stylish with a visual style that is really sweet to look at, better acted and just more well-made overall. I love Last House, but I do consider this the better movie of the two.

Will the movie give you Christmas feeling? Absolutely not, and we don’t mind that.

I would also recommend V/H/S/94 which was good. It was really awesome!

Coherence was top notch.

And Resolution is really nice. Have you seen The Endless? It’s kinda of a sequel, meaning that it is set in the same universe and contains some of the same characters. It’s also really good.

I’ve not seen Mr. Jones, but I will do. As far as your criticism of The Blair Witch Project goes I really don’t get it at all. It’s such an atmospheric and genuinely well made and superbly thought out movie.

Ooooh I didn’t know there was yet ANOTHER VHS, I’ll check it out! I saw something about Endless when I reading the wikipedia article about Resolution, suppose I’ll have to check it out too if I can!

Personally I quite liked The Blair Witch Project, but I know many people didn’t because it was intentionally chaotic and disjointed, requiring the viewer to connect the pieces themselves. Mr. Jones assembles the pieces a wee bit more for the viewer instead of forcing you to rewind constantly to figure out just WHAT exactly the characters freaked out at and the setting veers away from your standard “creepy forest witch” trope that has been done to death after Blair.

Yeah, I was surprised seeing it too. But it was really good. On par with the second I’d say.

One of The Blair Witch Project’s biggest strength’ as far as I am concerned, is the chaotic and disjointed way it’s filmed and put together. It’s what made it look so god damn real when you were 13-14 years and saw it for the first time. It reeks of desperation, chaos and confusion, and it makes it so much more intense. They make the most out of their limited budget and the minimalist way of both shooting it and tell the story is superb. And of course, not knowing exactly what was going on and what the fuck happened is one of the things that makes it so good.

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Santa Jaws
Yep, you read that right. The title is Santa Jaws. It looks, feels and plays along like an Asylum flick. I’m not sure if it actually is, but it sure does feel like it. It’s silly, poorly made and awfully acted, but it’s decent fun anyway. Who wouldn’t love a shark with a fucking santa hat on? I sure did. To some degree at least. Biggest weakness was not going even more bananas with it. I mean, Santa Jaws? Going fucking nuts with it, man! If you like Sharknado and similar shit this might be the Christmas movie for you.

The 12 Slays of Christmas
I’m a huge fan of anthologies, and I am usually super forgiving when it comes to them. The good entries are usually really good, and the bad often ends up as a decent watch no matter how bad they are. But The 12 Slays of Christmas is 1 hour and 42 minutes, and 12 short movies where nothing is even decent. There’s just nothing of value here whatsoever. 50k isn’t much of a budget, but you’d still expect slightly better tbh. The wraparound story is total shite, and every single short feels cheap and half-done like there’s no effort at all.

This was absolute shite, and I recommend the lot of you to stay far away from this one.


A couple of my intended movies to watch was hard (aka impossible) to find, so I had to change it up slightly. I watched the Creepshow series last year and thought it was very good, but had no idea they had released more. So when I found of they had not one, but two new seasons out, I just had to check it out. And upon doing that I found a holiday special and decided to include that.

Day 6:
A Creepshow Holiday Special: Shapeshifters Anonymous
A nice, pulpy comedy that ends on a splatter note about shapeshifters who have a meeting that gets interupted by a santa…and a few more santas. It’s silly, over the top and very comic bookish, but in a very good way. A great holiday special! Not really very christmasy tho. But who gives a shit?

Edit 2:

Creepshow, season 2
I rated the first season of Creepshow 7/10. It was very good, albeit a bit up and down as far as the quality goes, and I gotta say that season 2 is a step up. It feels more consistent and it feels like they had a bigger budget all around, both looking better and being executed a bit better. It continues the trend of 2 stories in each episode, with the exception of the last which is one big episode. Very, very good horror comedy series. Can’t wait to get home after work and begin on season 3 today.