How do you purchase from

Hello dear Dir fans. :slight_smile: first contribution here, and I am here to ask for help! I pre-ordered phalaris in march on, and now it seems that paiement is refused. I used a french visa debit card, and it is refused, but the site doesn’t explain why. I tried another card, an american one this time, and same problem. Anyone have tthe same issue? How do you order on typically? is there anyone written that you can’t order with a international visa?

I wanted the album for my birthday the 20th , but I think I have to give up on that -_- but I don’t want to loose my first press pre-order!

Amaik U need an japanese Adress and need to use a Shopping Service Like zenmarket, buyee or treasure Japan, tho idk If buyee/zenmarket purchase from Amazon - TJ is doing it.

But since i never orderd from there i could be wrong.

thank you for your answer! they offer to give international adresses, and there was no problem to pre-order with an europeen adresse, so I thought it was okay since it is amazon after all. So I will have to cancel my pre-order and find another way I guess. hope the first press is still available

I don’t know but I just ordered limited blu ray version through CD japan and with DHL it’s 2-3 business day you should try it if you don’t care about amazon bonus (someone posted a photo and it’s not very good… simply album artwork with white borders and a cheap keychain) with CD japan you have at least a post card.

I see. Yes I think I can do without these bonus anyway. When I tried ordering on CD japan in march there was a message indicating that shipping in Europe was suspended, or something like that (it was right after the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine). But maybe now it works, I will take a look . They don’t ask for the intermediary on CD japan?

Je te réponds en français du coup j’ai vu que tu étais une chère compatriote x)
Alors par défaut ils mettent Airmail ou Registred Airmail (en temps normal il vaux mieux prendre ce dernier, le plus économique, assez sûr vu que c’est enregistré etc par contre un peu long 1-2 semaines), mais en effet avec le Covid ces moyens sont suspendus pour l’instant si tu le sélectionne y’aura un message rouge.
Personnellement j’ai donc pris DHL qui reste dans les mêmes tarifs, ça revient un peu cher mais bon, de une c’est exceptionnel pour un nouvel album dans cette édition, c’est un cadeau d’anniv et personnellement j’avais des points que j’ai utilisé ça fait un peu baisser la note) et normalement pas de soucis pour l’envoi :smiley: !

The problem is the card. Debit cards are tricky even if they are from a big bank they’re not useful everywhere. Try using a Credit card or change to CDJapan. I had the same problem and now I’m waiting to see if they validate my credit card

I see so it could be the debit card that is a problem. Thank you all for answering, I see that cdjapan has still all the editions (including the limited+bluray edition…and now I am wondering if I should upgrade, argh…40 euros for a bluray with 20 songs… and add the World of Mercy on the package, just because…)

Et merci compatriote Jeen, ça fait plaisir qu’il reste quand même des fans de diru en France ! Si tu aussi ton anniversaire en juin, Diru nous fais un beau cadeau cette année :slight_smile: effectivement avec DHL je l’aurais à temps au moins

since it is still on the topic, I assume the price indicated on cdjapn, and other retailer, does not include taxes that will have to be payed when the product arrive, correct?

If by taxes you mean extra-EU custom fees, yes. You’ll need to pay those too when you’ll receive the package.

Pas de quoi ! Je suis pas le fan ultime (seulement deuxième album acheté après Arche version euro) mais j’ai suivis tout ce qu’il font depuis Ouroboros.
La je dois dire qu’il m’ont eu niveau hype pour celui ci plus le fait qu’il sorte pour l’anniv bon bah let’s go haha.
J’aimerais les voir en concert je les ai raté y’a 3-4 ans :confused:

Here in France I never had to paid customs charges for CDs (maybe I had luck and the fact that it’s checked as « gift ») the only time I paid them was like 10-15 years ago (my god…) when I bought clothes in my desperate Sexpot Revenge emo era :zipper_mouth_face:

it seems that for DHL and fedex the “gift” option is no longer available. so yes I am going to pay, and pay a lot! (about 20% of the total value here in France, ouch). So unless using airmail, which is tricy now, it seems that there is no way around it.

To Jeen:
je suis fan depuis 2004, je les ai suivi dans tous leurs mouvements musicaux (certains plus réussi que d’autres^^). Ils sont passé début 2020 à Paris mais j’étais aux Etats Unis, mais j’ai eu la chance de les voir 7 ou 8 fois en Europe.
Je sais pas si parler dans une autre langue c’est autorisé par le site par contre, je risque pas de me faire virer? :stuck_out_tongue:

The gift option doesnt work for my region (NL), nor with airmail so expect to pay extra when your item arrives.

Amazon doesn’t have issues with import fees anymore for Europe. They add the right amount of taxes to the package before you pay for it now, which makes it a lot cheaper to order.

I’m from Belgium and can order from amazonjp just fine (I do so every few months with a Belgian card. Never had an issue with it) so I do wonder what the issue is this time.

Oh really? It is so weird, that your card worked just fine and not mine, expecially when its written than they accept iternational visa just fine.I end up remaking my order on cdjapan, and I ma waiting for custom to bash my head.