how many of y'all have bands?

or projects or solo things or whatever other sort of audio-based endeavor?

i’m just curious & want to hear something new while i drive around~

if you want, tell me about your fav song/album/PV you did!!


I’m in a metalband called Counting Wolves together with @Jari_CW (and 2 others who are not active here). Last saturday we pre-released the first track of our upcoming debut album Nero, which is called One Piece.

The track, and the album as a whole, is melodic metalcore. However, next saturday we will pre-release the balled of the album which will be something completely else, but more about that in the near future :shushing_face:

You can find us on every major platform, but to give you an impression about our music:


I made a solo album a few years ago and now finally try to turn my solo project into a proper band^^

The first band rehearsal is actually happening this week :smiley:


Interesting concept and arrangements! Good luck with the first band rehearsal, hope all goes well!


omgg i don’t really listen to much metalcore but i swear i can recognize things in this

like the half-time feel w/ ascending pitched harsh vox at 1:20 feels totally like lynch.
and then there’s that guitar at 2:14 furiously running arpeggios that reminds me of naitomea’s sakito if he used active pickups lmao

love the way the guitars slam the song back in at 2:20, vvv powerful sound & i’m curious to hear more - esp for that ballad but maybe i’m just biased bc i love those lol


hi okay this is really pretty! (you’re the vocalist, right?) your voice makes use of a lot of dynamics - i’m not used to (how do i say this) overseas vkei-styled vocalists who know their range & their strengths so well

do you know Xil?? your work reminds me a lot of his & i hope that reads as a compliment ^^

there’s parts where you switch into a more full, feminine sort of performance - only to fill out a few words, but it reminds me of the way Karasuna Mei would do the same on some of his songs

i also don’t know too well the more formal gothic, harpsichords & violins sort of style that reminds me of the mid-2000s - but i think it’s v much worth mentioning you make this palatable to an english-speaking audience
i’m excited to hear more from your band & so curious how an audience will receive you!


It’s great to hear what parts reminds you of certain bands/artists! We all listen to quite some Japanese artists (both Vkei en non), but that mainly started after we wrote this song (and the others from the album) which is like 6 years ago haha. Except for the vocals, which were written in the beginning of this year


That’s all very nice of you to say and I’ll make sure to deliver :wink:

Xil and I have met on a few occasions^^

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