How to cut hair in a visual kei style?

Ive been trying to cut my hair for a while and I seriously dont know how. ive used those razors you use for eyebrows to do it but i dont see a single difference. does anyone have any tips or videos that show how to get from normal hair to visual kei?

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My bf kinda does that kind of style, but he’s using some sort of styling razor, same type as you use as a professional hairdresser. He cuts them all in layers by himself and then the styling does the job~

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the razors for your eyebrows i definitly not the way to go
saying this from my own experience

what kind of VK hair you want?
i mean for layering you could try those wolf cut tutorials, because they will layer your hair strong (but take care it can also end up and look pretty crappy )

Otherwise, if you can go to a hairdresser. They know better what they are doing and got the right scissors too

I want hair like nkraush on tiktok lol

can we have a screenshot?

Edit: i googled it… looks kinda emo though

Depends on what style you are trying go for lol we need more information.

If you are talking about the typical host-style, it is a little easier as there are lots of tutorial on youtube. You need shear scissors and performs lots of layering. I can talk about styling but if you want just a cut, you need those.

The method I went with since I was scared of messing up is to just go to a hair dresser and modify after they are done.

If you go to a hairdresser, you need to make sure you are going to an asian one, preferably with experience on asian hairstyles as they can easily understand the pics you can show them. Ask for your hair to get thinned and layered. Ask for lots and lots of layering. Bring pics in multiple angles.

From experience, I actually was able to achieve Juka’s hair style once before(profile pic)

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I’ve tried to layer myself but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Need to thin a lot as well, I made the same mistake when going to a white hairdresser. They didn’t want to thin my hair enough to be able to style correctly.

Googling nkraush, that is super doable then. Looks like you are going for the scene/emo style back in the mid-2000s look lol

Yeah, I am! I was trying to go for her look last night but, as I said, it wouldn’t change at all : (

I would take the plunge and just go with a hairdresser then. See if they can achieve the look you are going for. They can point out if there is something specific with your hair that is not allowing you to achieve it, maybe styling/cutting techniques.

Looking at the pics, I wouldn’t be surprised if those were all done professionally.

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This absolutly
Try at least the first time a hairdresser, so you can get a feeling of how your hair will be and react …

my own hair for example is pretty wavy to achive some kind of “VK” or emo hair i need to straighten them
Also some people have thinner hair or thicker hair
And another thing i didnt see it from the photos, but do they have a undercut??
for thick hair it can help to make it easier to thin the hair

I live in an area of Texas where we don’t really have any good alternative hairdressers, they’re all more used to like… ya know… basic hair? Idk how to explain but I’m sure you know

You can still give it a try, maybe some of them will even be happy to make an experiment.
Or you ask them first if they think they would be able to do it or not

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Pretty sure many VK bandomen just wear wigs (often the exact same style…), so that’s always an option if things don’t work out otherwise.

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What kind of shear scissors btw??

Thinning hair scissors

Hair razor, which is what I usually use:

Thinning shears (I found these harder to use but it’s easier to thin thicker hair with them!):

One tutorial, but a bit advanced because she’s using normal scissors. You can copy this with a hair razor, though I think

If you search “visual kei hairstyle” you should get more too. I would also try looking for videos for scene hair, becuase it is similarly heavily layered.

It’s really surprising how much you end up cutting off to make the layers! You have to be pretty bold with it, but it’s hard to mess up too bad with the hair razor imo

And yeah, I’m seconding finding someone who does these kinds of hairstyles if you ever go to a salon. I’ve gone to Ulta, Fantastic Sams, Toni&Guy, and a few other lower end ones and nearly every single one could not layer my hair properly. No one here knows alternative hair at all (and have actually told me some styles were impossible lol) so I gave up going to salons unless I actually go into downtown. It seems hard to find in TX aside from major cities.

I’ve also been thinking about cutting my hair in that type of scene style,. but torn between cutting my hair first or learning to properly care for it? Not sure what type of hair everyone has here but my hair went from wavy ( 2c ish ) to flat with split ends

if you’re in TX there’s a good number of Japanese salons over there, which, I hope, have survived covid

they have stacks of Japanese mags, for VK/host hair styles you’ll find them under male cuts. it’s typically roughly half price of a similar haircut from a western hair place, and you’ll generally never look back at any other places. you can ask for strong hair spray and spike everything up before leaving.

you can also find scanned hair magazine pages, they have hair parting and cutting instructions, that you can show to a white person, and they’ll figure it out, but the proportions might look a bit off. Japanese staff know how to cut it prcsisely to your face shape.

Japanese hair cutting technique is different from the typical French hair cutting school that most professional hairdressers are trained in, but there’s nothing particularly difficult with cutting your hair into a bob and adding layers to be styled later.

the only thing I’d do at T&G (I’m not even sure if they train their staff in-house anymore) would probably be hair dyeing

Thx for this!! I’m in Texas and it’s definitely helpful!! I just blew all my money off on clothes and CDs, but with my next paycheck or two I’ll check them out!!