How to rip a DVD?

Does anyone know how to rip a DVD? I want to share my ALSDEAD last DVD. It’s not on the internet and well, after 3 years of having it, I think it’s time I share it. Also, I only want to rip it in like mp4 or something, since there’s 3 dvd, I don’t want to bust my limit on mega. If anyone can help me, well that would be nice haha. Thanks in advance!

I use Handbrake to rip my DVD’s to .MP4 / .MKV formats on my macbook, but I think it also works for windows, just give it a try. :slight_smile: It’s an easy program to use, even a noobie as me could do it so ;>
Also you can change the quality settings as well if you prefer to have some smaller files or keep it as the original ^^


Thank you! I used DVD Decrypter. The problem was solved haha. But yeah @monkeybanana helped me and he talked to me about Handbrake. The only problem with DVD Decrypter is the file size, it’s crazy. My free mega account is filled up with those 3 dvds haha. I will try Handbrake for smaller size files. Thanks ^^

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