HYDE new digital single "6or9" release

HYDE has released a new digital single titled “6or9” on 2023/09/06.


  1. 6or9

Look at him go!

edit: natto pizza?!


It’s not assaulting to the ears, music video is pretty cool, the man still oozes charisma and sex appeal in videos regardless how much of a grandma he looks like in public.

He’s now put out an album’s worth of singles since ANTI.

Its kind of cringe that someone who is 60 in 5 years behaves like this… Hyde, you arent 20 or 30 anymore, you had your run, accept it. The clips from his car were extra cringy, he really looks like an older lady or “obachan”.
The song itself sounds like some AI generated crap…

Some of my favorite songs are from early Laruku era. Dive to Blue, Blurry Eyes etc, pretty sad to see what he has become today.


yea, it’s definitely hard to watch lol

I loved him during his 666 era so much and I thought he was so cool haha

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With the way the video is filmed/edited my brain can’t figure out if the crowd surfing clip at the end is real or green screened…
I disagree that he should stop doing certain things just because he’s old, I think he should do what he wants as long as his body is physically capable of doing it. :woman_shrugging:
I really want the baggy pants he’s wearing on the weird looking tricycle


Funny you should mention that.

I figured they’d cost something like that, unfortunately I can’t afford to throw 48k yen at pants right now. I shall reconsider after winning the lottery.

I’m not saying that he shouldnt do what he wants, but its really cringe to see him for example sit there and flash his muscles making “cool faces” etc.

He’s jacked for someone his age for sure, same with YOSHIKI.

This will be the last from me so dont worry people but still it looks very cringe. Its like a kid/teenager who worked out a bit and wants to show it off on tiktok, while doing “cool” poses.

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Can’t take the ageism, people can do what they want. Who cares if it’s cringe, just keep it to yourself if you don’t enjoy it. God…


Hyde doesn’t take himself too seriously these days and I think that’s a lot of fun. He’s wearing a silly hat and riding around on a big tricycle to promote a crowd-pleasing single.


I guess you guys are replying to me.
I agree that you should be yourself and all that, I personally still can’t get away from it though (that I find him embarrassing, doing “gangsta poses” showing off muscles etc). And this comes from someone who used to be a fan of him and his band since early laruku days.

If this single “6or9” at least sounded good I guess it would be a different story, at least a bit. But its a terrible song and it does like I first wrote sound AI generated. It sounds so random, has zero hook, just ugh…

You have to give him creds for being that healthy at that age tho, not many pull that one off. Impressive stuff. I just wish his music at least was a bit more interesting and personal. I have always found his solo career to be very generic, safe and boring, and at times like now straight out terrible. Well good for the fans who seems to go crazy over this new banger.


Think about it this way: what’s more cringe? An older person spending their time making music videos where they act in a stereotypically younger manner, or the younger person spending their time criticising the older one on an internet forum?

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Definitely the first.


The latter, for sure

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