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You can call me whatever you want, I guess Cherubi works. My intro’s gonna be a bit odd but I hope it’s worth reading or responding to. Anyways, I’m a guy who’s been a fan of visual kei for 15 or 16 years now and I own a VK dedicated Youtube channel where I upload hundreds of relatively rare and actual rare bands mainly from the early and mid 2000s, along with some late 90s bands.

I also enjoy doing vocal covers of VK songs from time to time in which I’ve improved greatly over the years.

I don’t really know what to say about myself so I’ll list some random facts.

  • The nicest VK musician I’ve ever encountered was probably RYOTA from LAVERITE. He runs a Youtube channel where he posts covers occasionally.

  • The coolest VK musician I’ve encountered by accident was Yukito from xジハードx. He runs an awesome Youtube channel.

  • Yuki from MADARA once plugged my channel on twitter after I posted a rare Lυτёη∀ song a while back which lead to me gaining a small surge of Japanese subscribers. He’s a really cool guy for doing that.

  • I was a moderator on MH for a transient period a very long time ago, when I was quite young and immature.

  • Finding rare VK songs is a huge passion of mine and my most wanted rare release is Muryou Ongen Haifu by D’e Lude along with Mousou Jisatsu Chuudoku by Blanc Nero.

  • I have a Discord acc if anyone wants to chat, just message me here and I’ll add you.

Sometimes I write threads on this forum or try to share some of my perspectives on different topics. Although I’ve been meaning to post more regularly. I honestly just miss MH but understand that hosting that type of forum was very difficult.

Indie VK music is in my opinion incredibly underappreciated, especially during the early 2000 years in which the style seemed to vary a bit more and so many bands were pouring out what seemed to be very heartfelt and passionate rock music.

It’s a bit sad that some notable people from that forum didn’t make the move, but I guess new era means fresh start?


Aaaaakshually you made an intro once here, in janurary 2021

but still Welcome again
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clearly less detailed than your new intro
cool stuff with your youtube channel

Oh I did LOL
Wow 2 years ago. Must have been around the time the forum started.

Oh hey, haven’t seen you around in a little while. Welcome back! :sweat_smile:

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Thanks lol I know all of you guys funny enough

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Welcome back!

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