I wanna be visual Japan

Hi, I listen to visual kei music sometimes. Pleased to meet you.


Hi, enjoy your stay. What bands do you listen to?

Welcome to the forum

Welcome! I hope you have fun around here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

“I wanna be visual Japan”

With that Engrish, you are practically there.

Also welcome.


Hi, I remember you! Welcome back to the community! :heart:

A wonderful thread! Welcome, hope to see you around the discussion :slight_smile:

Check out my Last.fm. I like a wide range of bands, but I tend to favor indies bands of the 2000s.


We’ll see. :smiling_imp:

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A quote from Wednesday. Highly recommended.

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Hi suji. I remember you, too. The journey begins anew.

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I’ve been out of the loop recently. Any upcoming bands to look out for?

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Well I can name some newer ones that I’M excited for like Misui, Verxina… Zigzag is a lot of fun too!

There are some VERY new acts being discussed right now in the news section which are interesting and worth checking out too lol

ミスイ and ヴィルシーナ, some members with a history. This I can get into!
And is that Zig+Zag? I suppose it might be. Their website is still up and they had a live show recently. Wow. 15 years.

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Wrong ZigZag
-Shintenchikaibyaku Shuudan- ZIGZAG profile | -真天地開闢集団-ジグザグプロフィール | vkgy (ブイケージ) Thats the ZigZag Elazmus meant

Cool. And thanks, I’ve never seen that db.

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