If you had to make an album, what would you name it?

You seem to be doing this for a while. What kind of music do you play?

My brother once came up with the name “Prophet of Maggots” a reference and alternative phrasing for “The Lord of the Flies” or Beelzebub (Satan). Always thought that would be a spectacular album name.

A few different things! On my own, primarily dumb chuggy metal, and in my primary band spacy post-metal. Jack Nicholson was sort of a stoner-/funk-rock band, and I started with classical guitar and jazz bass.

Never knew there was a post-metal You learn something new every day.
However you named it Jack Nicholson lol

And how did you end up doing what you are doing?

Lol yeah basically like, clearly influenced by metal, but lots of ambience and space and influences from other styles. Jack Nicholson was the stoner rock band though haha, Samsara is the post-metal band

Compulsion, I guess? I started playing guitar in 5th grade, tried a few instruments before that but guitar really just stuck with me, and from there just always felt the need to keep playing music, which eventually led to getting an education in audio engineering. It’s like therapy for me, a way to channel everything and give the negative emotions a constructive place, rather than indulging the destructive (self- and otherwise) urges in my brain. I’m able to safely examine myself in my output, not just my creative growth but my personal growth as well.

Also it just feels REALLY GODDAMN GOOD to be standing in front of a cranked 120 watt guitar amp and play the biggest sounding chord you know haha

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Sorry I had to bring this up lol