If you had to make an album, what would you name it?

I would’ve named it “Simple Creed”

Dreaming Night And Tears! :heart: :kissing_heart:

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Already made a bunch of these.

That’s not an album title; I’ve just composed a lot of music over the last 15+ years.


If Total Saikou were to make an album… It would be given the punny name:

Saikou’s Sis: Related To The Reality Challenged

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Thatd make a good summertime album
Like night time camping under a neon sky

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Love to hear it…
There’s no slap bass right?

vkei titles like ‘aesthetic violence’, ‘splendor of sanctuary’ and ‘territory of divine’ ignite my soul. maybe something like empirical clergy, or prophecy of pandemonium

perhaps the ever popular 『 』


How about

Your favorite saikou : just a memory (vol 1)

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Out of the blue
I am a shithead and i would throw my disorder at everyones head, so i’'d call it “Borderline”
sounds cheap, doesnt it? :joy:
Or how about “Lost in Dissociation”

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Wait I got one 4 you “How little I must know”
Or “Forlorn inertia” yeah big words but means absolutely nothing lol

ogiltigt storm över havet


Either one of these:

謎のヴォイド (The Enigmatic Void)
ゴーストパレス (Ghost Palace)
不知火が燃え尽きる(Unknown flame burns out)


Panorama of hell (it’s a name of some manga I think)
Perversio (let’s try Sukekiyo’s naming scheme)
Yello’ (colors are fun)
Adam (just so it’s hard to find)
Un:der the Bri’lliant Sky: Re:enacting S’ins (this one is more VK sounding)


Ohh, coolt! (är du svensk förresten?)

Obviously GLASS LILY :herb::herb::herb:

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One of these:

桃色 前奏 (Momoiro Zensou)

モノクロ万華鏡 (Monokuro Kaleidoscope)

メランコリック ハイパボリック (Melancholic Hyperbolic)

Tbh I don’t even know what the last one means but at least it sounds cool, making album names is actually pretty fun! :star2:

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Maybe I’ll go with really idiotic name for an album full of emotional songs that have some meaning in them… just for some irony of the lyrics… something like “comedy central” or “crying ducks”… oh! Or “yellow loser”
Aaaand now I realized that I’m really bad with the names… aah this is embarrassing…・ヾ(。><)シ