In your opinion, what were the most IMPACTFUL VK band debuts of the last decade? (2011 - 2021)

A few comrades and I were discussing that new band with ex-DADAROMA members, THE MADNA, and it got me to thinking back when DADAROMA debuted and dropped the PV for ‘Oboeru Sakana’. While reactions to the band varied, I definitely remember being impressed and some of the ppl in my circle being completely blown away. And so this got me to thinking - In the last decade, which VK bands do you think had the biggest impact on the international fandom with their debut? And by “impactful”, I mean bands that reached some level of critical acclaim amongst the fandom, bands that almost everyone went crazy for. You can just name the bands and your reasons why. Hell, if you wanna rank them - even better. I’m just curious about you all’s perspective on this, so there’s no right or wrong answer.


MEJIBRAY and Kizu by far, I think (just based on my personal obvervations).


Deviloof, nocturnal bloodlust and all that followed. Brootal kei seems to atleast get a lot of views


Dimlim and Deviloof made quite a name for themselves. They were blowing up when I was getting into VK


Off the top of my head I’m gonna say MEJIBRAY and probably DEZERT.

DIMLIM easily worth the mention for impact over a shorter period.


Kizu and Dimlim are probably the biggest hits, any topic about them had a lot of responses. Seems like most people joke about Dimlim nowadays, but we can’t deny that they were really impactful

Edit: Forgot about xaa xaa, they are definitely worth mentioning too


In my experience DEXCORE, like Deviloof, caught a lot of attention internationally and impressed a lot of people

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The first name that came to my mind after seeing the title was DADAROMA, so I’d agree with that one.

With DIMLIM, it certainly didn’t last as long, but I definitely remember people hyping them to the moon for the first year or so.

This is going back quite a bit, but in terms of overseas fans, Avanchick also seemed to make a very positive impression at the start.

Hmm looks like Diaura just missed the cut by a month, formed on December 2010 apparently.

Also agree with a lot of the bands mentioned here. Mejibray is quite a polarizing pick though.

Jupiter is one if you can consider their music distinguished enough from Versailles.

Definitely need to add Xaa-Xaa, also sibilebashir.

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right now it would probably be dexcore, everyone else came and went to rant about the essence outside of a family mart, handing out free university performance flyers, while passersby avoid eye contact with them

self-explanatory artful visual kei excellence, tragically short-lived like the best of them.


When i got back into VK i spend several month just reading and reading and there was one name i found almost everywhere and that was Mejibray.

Some others that popped up a lot was DimLim, Nocturnal Bloodlust and also Kizu.

I think for Nokubura it was more like, a negative impact of how to loose members and treat your guitarist not well. Because it’s something i came across again and again.

DimLim has turned more into a running joke by now. And that’s how I got across their name a lot.

I have never come across a lot of people mentioning Jupiter, actually i come more across people who seem to love Versailles still more.
But sure that my point of view.

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