Interview with MAYU (DaizyStripper lead guitar) about his clothing brand Mr.SunFace

If you have seen @Kuro ‘s news post about MAYU starting his own clothing label already this won’t be a strange topic to you, but in case you haven’t…

I’ve asked MAYU if he wanted to talk to me about his thoughts and motivations for this brand, and yes, he absolutely did!

So without further ado, here’s the interview itself:

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed asking him about this! :blush:


Thanks for the interview.
It’s been interesting reading Mayu’s replies.

I’m a bit surprised about his reply regarding jewelry though because I think DaizyStripper had at least one collaboration of rings and pendants and stuff even with Dearest Crown (not fully sure about the brand though) in the past (each of them creating their own piece). But maybe that’s still a difference and he was referring to this.

I wasn’t surprised about it being design when he came up with this. He’s listed for the cover design of their latest album Infinity and I think he’s been designing several shirts for DaizyStripper’s merch before.

I really loved the interview and am curious what he’s up to with that project in the future.


I’m glad you enjoyed it! Because for me it was a big guess in terms of if people would like it or not. I normally only get to talk about music, and now I could discard that topic completely by talking about fashion and jewelry instead.

He did say he has designed stuff for the band before, both in shirts and jewelry, but I think he intended to say that it was just the design phase, that he had no hands in the actual production to the physical product, whereas he did here with Mr.SunFace. But I’m not 100% sure because I couldn’t get him to confirm this more than well, what we already think.

I’m also very curious to what he’s going to do in the future, because his enthusiasm for this project was amazing! Plus his shock that I actually asked him to talk about this was pretty surprising too, I mean … it’s still a member of DaizyStripper… :sweat_smile:


A solid interview @smiley_skeleton! Very interesting. It’s fun to see VK members doing clothing design and other projects! Thank you for this interview! I really enjoyed reading it :slight_smile: Cheers!

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I’m really glad you enjoyed reading it! Because honestly, this is the best motivation to try and continue with this type of content/subject! :blush:

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He of course is. I see DaizyStripper (as well as most likely some other bands) trying to make their way through the pandemic by quite some additional stuff. Maybe Mayu would have come up with this project this year anyway, maybe not. But that never means he’s not one of the guitarists and sometimes songwriters for the band (he also did the lyrics for one of the songs on the last album). No matter what I first see him as the musician who’s following other interests, too.

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Thank you for sharing the interview with Mayu! This is certainly a good read. It’s always interesting to see another talent of a VK artist. Your article will surely help Mr.SunFace be known overseas although it’s a bit tricky to buy from outside of Japan for now.

Thanks for keeping us updated with DaizyStripper as well. (I’m literally listening to DaizyStripper as I read your interview.)


That’s indeed the saddest part of the entire thing, there are overseas fans who will be genuinely interested in his products, but without a third party of any kind it’s impossible at the moment. When I was asking him questions for this interview he was quite happy to hear that there is actual interest from outside of Japan too. It’s the main reason why he answered that he’s now talking about it to make it possible.
Because I do believe that if you don’t offer the option, you’re missing out on a lot of chances, even if the majority of his orders will still come from Japan itself. You can leave the door open, or you can close it entirely by not even trying, right?

Thanks for keeping us updated with DaizyStripper as well. (I’m literally listening to DaizyStripper as I read your interview.)

You were really in the right mood to read this interview! I’m glad I could entertain you with this interview! :blush: Now let’s hope I can entertain again in the future, haha.


Thanks, I assume you are fluent in Japanese now? Or are they all taken in English?

Hopefully he will make his shop worldwide now, hope he fix it somehow.
I didn’t know he had his own brand, so thank you for this interview.

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The interview was actually done in English! I speak some Japanese, but not enough to do a highly detailed interview like this. So part of it was in Japanese, but the biggest chunk was done in English even though I told Mayu that he could use Japanese if it was easier for him. I mean I can figure it out.
I don’t have an official translator on the team (to be honest there isn’t even a team at all, just me) but I have a few people I can ask questions to every now and then. Wasn’t needed this time though, so I feel extra lucky haha.

I hope he can manage to implement overseas orders too, because his mentality, ideas and designs are absolutely amazing. It’s definitely something that will have an appeal all over the world, not just in Japan. Which is the main reason why I still wanted to cover it despite the “huge problem” for overseas fans that they can’t place an order directly.
It was actually because of this interview that he started to talk with his team about overseas orders and shipping, because he had no idea that his range was this big overseas (something I have actually noticed with a lot of artists throughout the years, they have absolutely no idea how far their works actually reach!) so I do feel a little bit “proud” I caused that discussion on his end… :joy:

You are very welcome! I’m glad I could entertain you with this article! :blush:
And I of course hope to do so with other articles in the future. I have some interviews with other artists lined up (unfortunately nothing about fashion this round), but when those happen I’ll make sure to share them on the forum here as well!


Woa… so that’s another discovering, that he actually does speak English. :smile: Really great to discover it this way too.

Hopefully once he starts selling overseas too, that some bigger media will do some PR about it :smiley: his works are great yes!


He’s not very good at it though, but he does try! His very first response to me was literally “I’m not good with English”. So I don’t think he’ll be very eager to start replying to fan’s comments in English, but hey! He seemed happy enough to actually share this article on his own Twitter as well! I’m honored!