Interview with Nevrness (Instrumental Project of bassist Bitoku)

Nevrness is a new instrumental project by Bitoku, known as bassist and co-founder of Sailing before the Wind. JROCKONE had a chance to talk with Bitoku about his new and unique project.

- Please introduce Nevrness to the readers.
It’s a bass instrumental project I started on my own. The concept of sound is to use only bass and drums. No guitars, no synths, and no vocals.

- How did the project come to be?
What inspired me to get started was an Ibanez demonstration video I was involved in. The song I wrote for the video was so well received that I decided to make an album in the same style.

- Why did you choose the name Nevrness? Does it have any special meaning to you?
It’s influenced by a science fiction novel called “Neverness” by American writer David Zindell. Shimpei (Alphoenix) helped me in deciding on the name of the project. He also did the album cover and logo.

- You just released Nevrness’ first album “Reorient”, with a whole 20 songs on it. Where did you take the inspiration from, for all the songs? Is there a song you are especially fond of, or that was difficult to write?
I picked up the bass and just played as I felt like it, then the songs came naturally. I like the overall flow of the album. Especially the flow of tracks 17~20. “Cloudscape” was a challenge for me. Usually I write songs with many parts and developments, but it was new to me to write a song like this, that develops with the same phrase.

- Are there have any plans to incorporate any other instruments into the project in the future? Or are there any musicians you’d love to collaborate with for Nevrness?
No plans for other instruments, but collaboration sounds good. I don’t have a specific person in mind, but I am interested.

- Do you have any plans on performing the songs live?
Not in the plan at this time, because I would need 2 more bassists to perform these songs.

- Nevrness is a solo project, right? If you could turn it into a complete band, would you want to do it?
I mean it already exists. The band is called Sailing Before The Wind :slight_smile:

- How is the workflow different from working with a band, besides the missing guitar and vocals?
Almost the same. I do recording and mixing for my own band as well.

- Mentioning the difference towards working with a band. Would you please tell us something about your other projects, Sailing Before the Wind and Alphoenix?
Sailing Before The Wind is like life to me. I’ve been doing SBTW all these 10 years while some of my friends buy fine houses, got a cool car, have wonderful families, and live fantastic lives. Alphoenix has a different meaning to me. It’s an honor to be in a band with a member of ex-Myproof as leader and a hero of my youth.

Check out Bitoku’s bands on youtube
Sailing Before The Wind on Youtube
Alphoenix on Youtube

- You are very proactive on social media and promote online a lot. You even joined reddit a while ago to promote Nevrness.
How did it come to this? Do you think there is a huge difference or small one in interacting with fans online vs offline(in real life)?
I am not under any management or label, and I’m not a famous artist like Metallica or Bon Jovi, so no one cares about my music unless I promote myself.
If I hadn’t promoted it online, it wouldn’t have reached out to international fans. But I don’t want to be a keyboard warrior who talks about things only online, that you didn’t actually do in real life. Both offline and online mean a lot to me so I want to be active in both.

- Have you ever been overseas? Is there any country you would like to play in or just visit?
I toured the UK, Europe, and Asian countries when I was touring bassist for Crystal Lake. I would love to play in or visit the U.S. someday.

- You do write frequent articles on and you have a daily podcast on spotify, both in japanese. Have you ever thought about any special episodes or articles in english? ( and Podcast on spotify)
Thanks for even checking out the Japanese content. I have thought about it especially with regard to the note, but have not had the time to put it into action. If anyone is willing to help translate the note, you are more than welcome to do so.

- When did you start playing Bass and what was your motivation to start playing it? Can you play other instruments?
I started when I was in the second grade of junior high school, in order to participate in a cultural festival as a cover band. I also play guitar. You can hear my guitar playing on several SBTW releases (‘Judgement’ and all singles released in 2022).

- Is there anyone who ever helped you? Or any older musician you look up to, or you can ask for advice?
I respect the members of Crystal Lake, Her Name In Blood, and other bands I have performed with as a touring musician. Without them, I would not be where I am today.

- What would you tell your younger self with the experience you have now?
Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. If you are not known, it is almost as if you do not exist.

- Please leave a message to the readers and your fans.
Thanks for all your support and for taking time to read this! It means a lot to me! Make sure to check out the album :slight_smile:

- Last but not least, thank you for taking your time to answer our interview.
Thanks for having me, massive shout out to Rena for this amazing opportunity. Thank you!

Thanks to Bitoku for giving us the chance for this interview.

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He answered it so well.

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Awesome interview! I love the flow of the interview and he answers very well! Good Job @Rena! You made me discover this project, the album is very good as well :slight_smile: Cheers!

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