Interview with SHADECARRIER

Shadecarrier is a new Band on the horizon of the Japanese Deathcore Scene. With Bandmembers already known from other bands, like Elysium, Mirrors, Victim of Deception and Fill the Void, we got to talk with them about Shadecarriers concept, future plans and more.

Elysium, Mirrors, Victim of Deception, Fill The Voidのメンバーとしても知られる彼らと、バンドのコンセプト、Shadecarrierとしての今後の活動などについて語った。

Shadecarrier are Rio, Raf, Junpei, Koki (members from left to right)

  • You guys are a pretty new band and just released an EP called “Humanbeing”. That’s quite amazing, congrats on that. :clap:
    Would you please introduce the band to the readers and new fans.

We are Shadecarrier, a 4 piece Japanese Deathcore band with influences from Nu-Metal and cyberpunk hailing from Tokyo, Japan.


  • How and when did the band form?

Junpei: Back in 2021, I posted a demo on Twitter and started recruiting for a new project.
And these are the members that gathered.


  • Can you tell us something about the band name? Does it have any special meaning?

Raf: At first, we were looking for a band name that pops out first when someone googles it.
We made up a couple of band names and “Shade Carrier” was the best among them.
That being said, there wasn’t any deep meaning to it but after a while, I realized that the name suits our music well.
“Shade” represents the darker side of humanity, and “carrier” is used as a disease vector in a medical term.
So basically, It means that the band’s gonna spread how humans are filthy through music.

(検索で被らずに直ぐヒットするようなバンド名を考えていて、候補はいくつかあったんですが、“Shade Carrier” が1番語感が良くて採用しました。

  • Who composes the songs and writes the lyrics? What is your creative process?

Junpei: I compose and Raf writes the lyrics.
More specifically, I made a full instrumental demo first, then Koki re-arranges the drum parts, Rio spices it up with some cool effects, and Raf adds the vocals.
Also, Rio does all the Mixing and Mastering.


  • Where do you take inspiration from, for songs and for lyrics?

Junpei: Musically, the word “Cyber Punk” comes to my mind first as my main inspiration.
That could be near future-themed video games, movies, and even in some real-life moments.


Raf: Social issues, Movies, Incidents, and every disgusting thing happening in the real world, caused by humanity.
Basically, my lyrical contents are narrowed down to issues that are happening (or it’s predictable to happen) in real life, because I hate singing about fantasies like dragons and swords.


  • You call the music you play “dystopian heavy metal”, how did the concept come to be and what does it mean to you?
    (あなた方は自身の音楽を "dystopian heavy metal"と称していますが、どのようにこの世界観に落ち着いたのですか?

Junpei: From our point of view as Tokyo citizens, I’m feeling that we are living in some kind of Dystopia.
It looks peaceful and beautiful from the outside, but from our perspective, it’s not necessarily so, and we are here creating some heavy music.
That’s why we call our music “Dystopian heavy metal”.


  • What do you guys listen to in private? Do you take any inspiration from it, for your own work?

Junpei: Mainly, Deathcore, Nu Metal, Hip Hop, Trap, and electronic music.
For instance, I took inspiration from 808 bass which is commonly used in Trap beats and applied it to my songs as the use of extremely low tuning in guitar. Also, the groove that Trap music gives has deeply influenced our songs.


Raf: My vocal lines and some of the lyrics are obviously influenced by Hip hop.


Junpei: Our official playlists are available on Shadecarrier’s artist pages. Check them out on Spotify and Apple Music, if you wanna know about our tastes more deeply!


Junpei’s Roots on Spotify
Rio’s Roots on Spotify
Koki’s Roots on Spotify
Raf’s Roots on Spotify

Junpei’s Roots on Apple Music
Rio’s Roots on Apple Music
Koki’s Roots on Apple Music
Raf’s Roots on Apple Music

  • Some of you are active in other bands as well, can you tell us something short about them? Is it hard managing your activity between multiple projects? Is there any knowledge that flows in from those bands?

Koki: I also play drums in VICTIMOFDECEPTION, which is a Deathcore band formed in 2014.


Rio: I’m the Guitarist and composer in Fill The Void.

(Fill the Voidのギタリスト、コンポーザーを務めています。)

Rio: Fill the Void and Shadecarrier have similarities like down tuned guitars and brutal soundscapes, but each one has a completely different approach to it.
In Fill the Void I can complete almost all tasks alone in terms of writing a song, but Shadecarrier is more of; multiple guys gathering and working together to achieve the same goal.
That makes me input some fresh ideas from another perspective, which makes a positive effect on my composition process.

(Fill the Void と Shadecarrier は、ダウンチューニングされたギターや暴虐的な音楽性などの類似点がありますが、それぞれのアプローチはまったく異なっています。
Fill the Void では、作曲においてほとんどすべてのタスクを 1 人で遂行可能ですが、Shadecarrier では必然的にみんなで協力して作品を作り上げる。

  • Raf, you participated in the vocal auditions for Crystal Lake and was one of the finalists. Did you learn something from that experience that you will apply to this project?

Raf: What I learned from that journey is that you can be no one but yourself, and you can only feel comfortable when you’re creating and performing the music that comes from your true nature.


  • How did you all end up inside bands? Are you still having the same positions you started out in?

Rio: As I mentioned, I was doing everything in Fill the Void, but we are sharing the load here.

(Fill The Voidでは基本的に自分一人で色々やっていましたが、今はみんなで役割を分担している事ですかね。)

Koki: I’ve become more of a senior in the scene now. Playing Deathcore for almost 10 years feels like I’m in the position to hook up a talented freshman.

(シーンにおいて後輩から先輩になったなと。10年デスコア を貫いてきて、今は才能のある若手をフックアップする立場にいると感じています。)

Junpei: Back in the early days, I used to play with people my age or older but I started to think that it’s better to work with someone from the new generation that will create the future scene than stick with the people my age. That’s why I’m working with Raf.


Raf: I’m pretty new in the scene. That being said, these few years literally changed everything surrounding me.
I’m working with my idols right now. I consider myself very lucky.


  • What are everybody’s thoughts on the current Deathcore scene in Japan?

There were times when bands classified as Deathcore decreased and the genre went down, but I’m feeling that Deathcore is getting hotter right now in Japan with some newcomers. Also, a lot of bands are trying to introduce their music overseas.


  • Are there any Bands you would love to perform with one day?

Rio: Humanity’s Last Breath, Black Tongue
Koki: Chelsea Grin
Junpei: Beyond Cure
Raf: Shaka Bose(釈迦坊主). A Japanese rapper.

  • Is there anybody you’re grateful for helping out with your band activities?

Huge shout out to Jordan who wrote our biography on Spotify, Taiju who made the video for “Humanbeing”, and every one of you jamming our music.


  • Accounting that the Interview is in English. Who is the best English speaker of the members?

Junpei: Raf.

  • What are your future plans for Shadecarrier? Do you have any plans for upcoming lives?

Junpei: We’re gonna release more music. We have no plans for playing shows currently.


  • Please leave a message to the readers and your fans.

Junpei: Thanks for listening! There’s more to come, please keep an eye on us. We won’t let you down!


Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity for this interview. We are looking forward to further releases and activities of Shadecarrier. :pray:

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