i made an account on here to buy a tape but i’ve been reading some threads recently and thought i should probably introduce myself :sunglasses:

i’m freya, i’m 19 (20 next month :cake:) and an undergrad graphic design student!

i’ve been talking in the vkgy server for about a month or so, that was my first interaction w/ other vkei fans as i kinda retired from the online fandom life after moving to uni, but i don’t know anyone else who listens to vkei and i think my friends were getting pretty bored of me lol

i got into vkei as per the recommendation of a friend a few years ago but only acted on it back in the summer when i was working from home and needing something new to listen to for 8 hours a day T-T

i’m mostly listening to key party stuff at the moment (favourites being aliene and missalina rei) i’d be grateful for any recommendations people have! i’ve got a big list of stuff to listen to but i’ve been too busy with university work to sort it out

i hope that wasn’t too long! nice to meet you all^^


Welcome to the forum :sparkles:
Nice to see you here.

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Welcome! Hope you have a wonderful time here and find some new stuff to explore.

And happy birthday for next month!

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A fan of kotekei is always welcome! :black_heart: :bat: I hope you have a great time here.

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Nice to see you on the forum as well! Welcome!

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Hey there, fellow vkgy discordian! :slight_smile:

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welcome!! :heart:

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