Is anyone here fond of the Avex label ?

It seems most bands do not like being with them or they notably suffer while signed with them. For example there was that one band (don’t know how to read much less write the name) that made the song “I hate your popstar life” as a diss to Avex. Then there’s also the fact that Yomi’s (Nightmare) vocal deterioration started as soon as they got signed onto Avex. So many bands seem to become stale while with Avex. Why is that ?


Are you referring to 黒夢 (Kuroyume)? Didn’t they release that song while signed to avex?

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Sure man, I like avex’s electropop stuff. TK’s golden era stuff, MAX, m.o.v.e, Da Pump (up until 2001), AAA (up until 2013), misono, girl next door… hell, SOPHIA signed to them and released their final album to date on the label which is one of their greatest works. Awesome label if you’re into poppy stuff, dunno about Nightmare and Kuroyume’s history on the label. Although I’ve seen for the most part that the majority of people disregard Kuroyume’s discography past 1996 anyways lol.


Well… if not for their connection with Kamen Rider Franchise, I would’ve never come across VK with Gackt and Tourbillion (Ryuichi’s side project at the time)


Well, Avex is a huge major label.
What happens with all huge labels?
They get heavy criticized, or at least more heavy than small labels.

I know Waggaki Band changed from Avex to Sony because they wasn’t happy how Avex handled things.

Also from following the Exile related groups from LDH, i know Avex messing up on a frequent with uploads
Those groups mainly produce over a sub label of Avex called “rythm zone”
And i remember a huge amount of mistakes that always happened when MVs were supposed to get uploaded/released on YouTube

Basically all major labels are just businesses and to some extent within those organizations you will have good and bad business practices/personal relationships with the artists etc.
However AVEX is pretty well known for being more on the bad side of things, but hey they are known for that so if you enter into that label you know what you are getting into so at this point it is like:

Gotta bless them for giving us all the great Ayu stuff over the years though! still teamayu~