Is it safe to buy from Surugaya?

Please delete this if I’m not allowed to post this, but I’ve been trying to get Golden Bomber CDs (please refer me to some stores and people online selling them if you know any)
And I keep seeing this site called Surugaya selling CDs for like $2-5? And I think it’s sketchy but it looks legit on the site so I need you guy’s opinion.

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I found out sadly that Surugaya is a buy back site not an auction site.

What is a buy back site

They are looking for the items they have listed, not offering them. They might sell some stuff, but everything I’ve seen listed on there is stuff they want for resale, not stuff they’re selling.

Go ahead and place you order ^^ I even got a bunch of 100-200 yen CDs from them a few days ago. No issues.

Have you checked puresound though? They have many of their CDs available (used) for 200-300 yen. In most cases “used” = pretty much brand new but not sealed lol.

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Surugaya is legit. And they do sell items I have seen items that are quite clearly up for sale but I am sure they have sections where people are requesting a rare item. Just check the listing.

I bought from them via proxy service a few times and had no problems

Surugaya is great. The only two downsides in my experience is that their search feature is bad - but if you know what you’re looking for it’s a non-issue - and that they still list sold-out stock in some cases.

They have a separate area for selling items to them, so the normal site is typically just items they have for sale. Never had any issues with this “buy-back” thing people mentioned.

Pretty sure the stuff they sell online is the very same they have at their physical stores, so sometimes item can be sold in store and before they can remove it from their site, it gets sold again online

Buyback is only one part of Surugaya. You can tell if you’re on a buyback page if you see kaitori (買取) in the URL. Their actual stock can be searched on or

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